Know About What You are Exposed To!

By StartUp City | Friday, July 19, 2019

Big DataAlmost every data is either stored or passed through the network-related channels that can increase the potential for a major concession. The high risk is just a result of digital-heavy and internet-reliant operations in the contemporary world where organizations still maintain a local data system but desire to have benefits of the cloud.

FREMONT, CA: Not all systems are perfect, which means it can have a hardware or software issue in the machine leading to a loss of any related data. In simple terms, big data systems are more vulnerable than it is considered to be. The technology can affect the data, which means that employees, partners, and customers can end up as collateral.

It is essential to know about what the company is looking for before locking down systems in better ways:

Know The Basics:

There are three stages, namely data sources, its storage, and the output that systems deal with when it comes to big data or cloud technology. At once, every data is routed in different directions that make it difficult to secure and also track down. It is necessary for the company to clearly understand the data and its journey through the three stages of implementing robust security.

Admin Authentication:

To access sensitive content, only the right people should be given the credentials; this method is often known as identity access management.  It is vital to ensure that there are proper monitoring tools to detect unauthorized activities, else it will be a huge security vulnerability.


In a cloud service, it is the responsibility of the owner or provider to maintain the systems and technologies, whereas, in a big data provider, the information can be at risk for significant breaches. The operator should stay informed regarding every action taken by big data to keep an eye on the impact of them on the company data and content.

Additional Metadata:

Data is a collection of metadata that reveals inputs, systems, entities, and processes that communicate with it. Similarly, data lineage shows when and by whom the content was used or manipulated. Every file, document, or piece of data contains a massive list of descriptors and details regarding its functions and utilization. As additional metadata can lead to a series of problems for security, appropriate authentication, and general security can help in storing the content and facilitate them to internal and external parties.

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