Implementing IoT to Make Kitchens Smarter

StartUp City | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMORT, CA: Most restaurants have implemented the usage of mobile applications and POS systems that create healthy interactions between employees and customers. The new wave of the back of the house technology is cooking in the kitchens to help develop the processes between the restaurant managers and smart Kitchenware. The smart restaurants not only focus on the front-end functionality but also on enhancing the efficiency of the kitchen with technologies like IoT.

IoT solutions are extremely helpful in commercial kitchens, where monitoring of equipment like stoves is of prime importance. Working alongside automation, technologies such as self-monitoring refrigerator units look out for breakage, temperature, and compliance.

Restaurant managers can improve the efficiency and compliance of their kitchens with a simple IoT sensor retro-fitted to monitor the performance of the equipment. The sensor can also be utilized to send alerts to the operators in emergency cases and even allow the businesses to order a replacement of the part that is damaged immediately.

As IoT is one of the latest technological advances of recent times, it is perceived to be overly technical, too expensive to put into practice. In the past, the costs of the facilities for obtaining a solution this automated would have been unimaginably high. But as the technology has developed, the availability, pricing, and fitting of these IoT solutions have altered accordingly.  

The implementation of IoT is mainly divided into two major solutions: to buy a pre-built IoT solution, or to purchase a customized one from a provider. To take the pre-built option, many players in the market need to be scrutinized before selecting an intelligent solution. When IoT provider is selected, restaurant owners need to ensure optimal use of the hardware, software, and connectivity and have it customized to meet their requirement.

73 percent of the connected restaurants' owners have accepted that the new technology has given them an extra competitive edge over the traditional restaurants. The restaurant technology adoption has not only promised business but also, a relationship with the staff and cookware. 

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