Expected trends of AI in 2019

By StartUp City | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tools-driven by Artificial intelligence(AI) enhance all the industries and organizations in making critical decisions by machines. Following are some of the trends of AI that will be witnessed by the coming years:

Virtual Agents: Businesses are now using chatbots to answer queries of the visitors in websites, support customers to check out and qualify sales leads. Virtual agents handle complex tasks have come to the market. The coming years will witness companies investing more in AI-powered virtual agents which will be entrusted to carry on engaging conversations with audiences.

Smart Recommendations: When users are done with online shopping they will be inundated with recommendations based on items they have previously purchased or browsed. AI can recommend products to the customers based on sentiment analysis and also browsing history. They will be offered with more personalized shopping experiences.

Image Recognition: AI enabled-computers can acquire, process and analyze data from visual sources. Image recognition can detect license plates, diagnose diseases, and analyze photo to complete payments or other verifications. It can help businesses redefine their marketing.

Cyber Defence: Cybercriminals target cloud infrastructure and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and making tech security a menace for businesses. AI will be more powerful in the coming years, to fight cyber threats and prevent hackers. It detects abnormal activity indicators and defends systems early before the threat becomes uncontrollable.

AI-powered recruiting tools: The Recruiting process is one of the most time-consuming and stressful tasks. With advancements in AI, it can improve recruiting tools to drive the recruitments. Chatbot can communicate with candidates via Skype, email or text and pre-qualify them for the organizations and even reject in need.

AI solves business problems and imports new ideas as enterprises strive to get the most business value and competitive advantage from their data.

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