Cloud Computing Transforming HPC

By StartUp City | Monday, March 04, 2019

Cloud-based High-Performance Computing (HPC) has wholly changed HPC. The change is profoundly impacting the medical community and the HPC supercomputer centers. One of the fastest and the most powerful computers at any U.S university has a cloud component. Users with access to the cloud mean that they can experiment with the latest architectures as cloud providers deploy new architectures regularly. Feedback from running in the cloud gives companies information on their future deployments.

UberCloud conducted the UberCloud Experiment in 2012. In the experiment, the team of participants gets 1,000 hours to explore and use the end-to-end processes in using on-demand HPC resources in the cloud. The experiment facilitates the team members with hands-on experience in using remote cloud-based computing resources for their projects. This experiment spans a wide range of HPC efforts such as Fluid Flow, Aerodynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Multi-physics, Computational Chemistry, Data Analysis, and Life Sciences.

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During the same time of the experiment, the idea of running HPC in the cloud was not considered as a mainstream concept. Experts did not find it as valuable work. On the other hand, cloud computing was gaining momentum. Amazon web services (AWS) benchmarked a cloud instantiation was ranked 72nd fastest supercomputer in the world. The UberCloud Experiment received a strong response because more than 80 teams participated in the experiment. The experiment went global as teams from over 48 countries competed in it. A power player such as Intel Corporation was the first company to sign up for the experiment. 

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