Chordia Therapeutics Concludes Basic Agreement On Business Tie Up With Medipal Holdings Corporation

StartUp City | Thursday, May 19, 2022

Kanagawa, Japan,– Chordia Therapeutics Inc. (“Chordia”), a biotech company engaged in the research and development of novel therapies for cancers, today announced that it signed a basic agreement on collaboration with MEDIPAL HOLDINGS CORPORATION (“MEDIPAL”) on May 13, 2022.

Based on the basic agreement of this collaboration, the two companies will proceed with specific discussions toward the alliance. Chordia believes that MEDIPAL’s distribution network in Japan and various sales promotion functions such as RD-MR*1 and Clinical Cloud by MEDIPAL*2 will greatly contribute to Chordia’s market penetration when marketing its drugs currently under development in Japan. Chordia expects that this collaboration will contribute to delivering new treatment methods to patients.

1. RD-MR (Rare Disease MRs): A designation within MEDIPAL given to MSs (Marketing Specialists of pharmaceutical wholesalers) and pharmacists who have passed the MR certification exam and are engaged in information provision activities focused on rare diseases.

2. Clinical Cloud by MEDIPAL: An information provision platform for healthcare professionals provided by MEDIPAL.

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