Challenges and Opportunities that Smart Cities Present

By StartUp City | Thursday, December 20, 2018

Becoming a smart city brings both challenges and opportunities. Many smart cities have benefited from programs like smart utility system, smart lighting, and intelligent transport systems. When this transformation happens, the youngsters are bound to get several job opportunities. Despite many benefits, there are equally challenging factors while creating smart cities.

Technological gap is one of the main challenges faced by the cities. Providing digital security to the people living in the city is necessary. As the use of technology expands, there are plenty of hackers waiting to parse people’s information. In that case, the city should have well-defined security to protect the information. Smart cities have invested more money in safeguarding their people’s information while tech companies find a solution for both unexpected and expected threats.

An individual might have come across cities with entire IT infrastructure. IT infrastructure of the city helps in adjusting technological evolution and other advancements like applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Planning to transform a city involves citizens, organizations, stakeholders, government, and private enterprises. Once all these sectors are balanced, it creates a huge opportunity for promoting the quality of a citizen’s life. In order to improve the development of a city, the governments need to plan concepts for the welfare of the city. For instance, France has launched a thousand or more projects in order to safeguard the welfare of their people.

Many cities have continued to have the old infrastructure in the developing cities claims to give a tough challenge in their development. Remodeling the infrastructure of the whole city is not an easy task. The IT infrastructure present in a city should be agile and scalable. Both private and public sectors should unite in order to provide job opportunities to its citizens. Challenges in building smart cities are complex and dynamic. Making citizens smarter by creating awareness helps. Similarly, huge growth in the economy accompanies with the growth of smart cities.

Although technology has the power to transform a city, it also depends on the implementation of the technologies in the smart cities that will massively impact people’s lives.

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