5 Ways Tech has been a Boon to Customer Service Experience Among Retailers

StartUp City | Monday, September 14, 2020

Technology has been a boon for retailers, especially when it comes to customer experience. Many ways to show they are valued and ensure the business is discussed below. 

Fremont, CA: In a conventional approach, the customers could be kept happy only by offering a great product at a bargain rate. While this approach may satiate the customer, the business owners do not get any profit or growth from this method. But, the creation of excellent customer experience can slingshot the whole outlook of the shop. By exploring beyond the basics and involving technology, along with key tactics, the retailers can revamp the entire customer experience. 

Here are four ways for retailers to utilize tech to smoothen the customer journey: 

1. Employ Innovative Phone Services: 

If the staff of the retail store is busy with on-site customers, prospective buyers who might be calling with a business query may be ignored. In these cases, the buyers will get diverted due to negligence. To ensure no slips, retailers can utilize phone services that include a number of supportive features. For instance, the interactive Voice response assists customers to get routed to the suitable employee immediately along with voice mail and voicemail transcription options. By having an office phone, the customers are always handled properly. 

2. Give Interaction Choices to Customers: 

A crucial method to improve the customer experience includes the provision of options of contact to the customers. Technology enables businesses to penetrate the phones of customers. Customer engagement is high with the implementation of technology. Many retailers have also provided a troubleshooting section, FAQ sections, in their apps or websites for customers to solve issues on their own. Some even have a self-checkout counter for enabling the customers to carry out their billing process. The POS system allows various methods of payment for the customer too. If, by chance, the customer is still not satisfied with the self-help options, they can decide whether to message, email, or call the retailer for further assistance. 

3. Allow Customers Multiple Ways to Communicate:

 Communication is another area where the technology infusion has created the difference among retailers. Along with the help provided on the website, additional communication tools like live chat or an email address to send a quick response or a message goes an extra mile in forging the customer engagement. Now, with the proliferation of social media sites, customers have an added avenue to get in touch with retailers and communicating out in the open. Smart businesses will recognize the necessity of having multiple points of access to the company and make sure that the staff covers all the inputs. The replies to email, comments to posts, shares of the mentions, and answers to all phone calls when fulfilled efficiently will make the business transparent and customer friendly in the most prompt and personal way.

4. Speed Up the Payment Process:

Technology savvy business owners have now installed various payment options to be flexible for all customers. Customers may write a check, or may transfer the money or even consider payments via wallets. The interaction choices, when offered, will present a customer-friendly front, especially when the customer is looking for specific preferences. 

5. Making Customers Happy is the Goal:

Nothing could beat a friendly smile, is disproved by the disruption of customer interaction by technology. By providing the customer what they want, solving any queries or grief, and the addition of varied payment options have enhanced the customer experience to another level. By providing all this, the customer's importance is valued, with no technology and just a smile, the effect would not be the same.

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