| | November - 20184Pg 14-38HEYDAY FOR BIOTECH FOUNDERS AND INVESTORS20Biopharma Start-Ups and the Development of New DrugsUlrich Geilinger, Venture Capitalist, HBM Partners AG29The Convergence of Ag and Industrial Technologies is InevitableDr. Philipp Hasler, Investment Director, Emerald Technology Ventures42Brave New World-A Glance at the Startup EnvironmentSam Colella, VC, Versant Ventures17The New Start-Up Formula: Start in the Valley, but Expand in Other LocalesDeven Parekh, Managing Director, Insight Venture Partners26A Venture Capitalist Perspective: Rural Health Markets are Ideal Markets for Testing InnovationsWilliam Paiva, Managing Partner, Oklahoma Life Science FundAmanda Hayward, Managing Director, Venture Capital Investments, Connecticut Innovations08VC TALKOPINIONCONTENTSSTARTUPS-2018BioTechmost promising
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