Datonique, Inc.: Turn Data into a Competitive Advantage

Murali Vasudevan, Founder & CEO, Datonique, Inc.Murali Vasudevan, Founder & CEO There’s no single way to define Murali Vasudevan, and even a long list of capabilities he possesses only begin to scratch the surface. A seasoned business intelligence, data science and analytics professional, entrepreneur, product and strategy leader, Vasudevan has a varied arsenal of skills but there’s one aspect as solid as a rock throughout his career—reliance on data. With his current role as the CEO of Datonique, Vasudevan takes executive strategy to stellar heights, helping businesses build their data and analytics suite from the ground up. Steering the Datonique juggernaut, Vasudevan and his dexterous team are translating data into success stories—empowering businesses with data literacy for driving success.

While data is rising to take its place among the key levers of business success, companies are deploying better and more advanced analytics to a growing variety of data. From gaining insight into the behaviors of consumers and competitors, to assessing operational performance, demand and supply trends, analytics has evolved as a true game-changer in today’s business sphere. However, to have the power of business-critical data sets at your fingertips is one thing; knowing how to leverage and unlock its potential is something else! The latter is precisely what Datonique brings to the table. As Vasudevan puts it, “Datonique brings easy to understand data and analytics to life and leverages these insights to bring real ROI and revenue to companies at a fraction of the cost of an in-house analytics team.”

Although the secret—‘who masters the data will rule the world!’—is out for the old and new players to benefit from, Vasudevan, having successfully led three data analytics teams, highlights the difficulties faced by most of the small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and start-ups to implement effective data and analytics solutions. He says, “Companies are getting more and more data savvy and want to have world-class analytics in-house to make data-driven and data-informed decisions to grow their businesses. However, they end up hiring a few inexperienced data analysts who are unable to drive the company’s ‘idea to execution’ effectively.”

Datonique helps companies implement the best practice solutions in data warehouse development, define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and measure and report them in a reporting/visualization tool of choice. “This empowers us to provide both operational and deep insights using sophisticated data science techniques such as machine learning and predictive analytics methods geared toward driving key business and product value/growth,” explains Vasudevan. Needless to say, Datonique’s ability to provide an analytics powerhouse to companies while remaining efficient and scalable internally with an experienced and versatile workforce is what makes it second to none.

Tapping into the Data Wealth

Donning the hat of a Chief Data Officer, Datonique brings in world class analytics and support as a service (AAAS ala SAAS) in all areas of data engineering and analytics within constrained budgets. “We help our clients with data infrastructure, data reporting and visualization as well as data science and insights,” adds Vasudevan. Datonique primarily serves the startups and SMBs that cannot afford a full-fledged data team and recruit one or two data analysts/ engineers/scientists that may be junior and therefore more often than not implement ineffective data and analytics solutions.

Datonique not only assists in hiring the right workforce based on the clients’ analytical needs but also comes in as the liaison between executives and various other teams (product, engineering, operations).

Efficiency, effectiveness, and economy in driving insights are the key benefits of working with Datonique

“The beauty of our model is that no other company is able to do it with the same level of expertise, experience and still keep it affordable,” adds Vasudevan with pride.

What fuels this data and analytics powerhouse is Datonique’s IRIS pillars— Infrastructure, Reporting, and InSights. The first pillar, Infrastructure (I), is dedicated to establishing a data infrastructure for the client. It involves setting up the data instruments and production systems to siphon data in readable format into a robust data warehouse through automated ETL processes. The Reporting (R) pillar focuses on developing analytics and reporting tools and establishing KPIs and data visualization that would enable data literacy for the company. Lastly, InSights (IS) involves driving deeper insights, and data science initiatives, asking and answering some difficult questions that require the use of sophisticated analyses such as predictive analytics, regression modeling, principal component analysis (PCA), and machine learning. Another aspect that stands as a major differentiator for Datonique is its technology stack for data and analytics. In addition to its in-house development, the company leverages economical cloud-based tools such as the AWS and Google Stack for infrastructure, Tableau and QlikView for reporting/visualization, and open source paradigms of analysis such as R and Python for insights and analytics.

While Datonique’s cloud-based tech stack endorses numerous inexpensive and scalable solutions, the company takes an advisory role in defining the most efficient approach to build and scale, keeping in mind the client’s needs, existing tech infrastructure, and future roadmap. “Our ‘analytics-in-a-box’ approach eliminates the need of hiring a full-fledged analytics team for most startups and SMBs,” Vasudevan adds.

Unmasking the Truth behind Data

“Efficiency, effectiveness, and economy in driving insights are the key benefits of working with Datonique,” says Vasudevan. What makes the Datonique approach beyond comparison is their three-step execution methodology that begins with understanding a client’s different data sources, how the data flows across the systems, and what the endpoints are. Making implementation of data warehouse easier, these preliminary conversations with all stakeholders are followed by analytics audit that involves getting access to all data systems and data sources, while understanding capabilities and gaps. Next, the team assists clients in laying out the vision and roadmap for data, analytics, and business intelligence across the IRIS pillars. In the last leg, Datonique brings about execution across the three pillars following the analytics roadmap.

Datonique dedicates special attention toward attaining successful long-term relationships through exceptional service delivery and operational excellence. Datonique sports a combination of some of the rare, distinct traits that make it one of the top players in the analytics service business: expertise, agility, unparalleled customer service, best-in-class analytics solutions, and scalability and economy. With wide ranging expertise in all areas across the analytics stack, Datonique understands the needs of the customers, having done this for clients from diverse domains. At the same time, the company speaks the language of the executives, which enables effective communication with them underpinned by a good analytics foundation. Their in-house agile capabilities empower them to take technical, personnel-related decisions quickly and effectively for both small and big companies.
As a result of being sensitive to the client’s needs, Datonique can make deployment recommendations that help the clients to efficiently and effectively use data and analytics to drive their business. Moreover, the company maintains its promise of 100 percent availability and uptime for all of its customers. In addition, Datonique constantly upgrades its knowledge base with the latest analytics solutions with the sole purpose of implementing industry-leading solutions for their clients and helping them succeed. To top it off, every tool or solution that Datonique delivers is built around scalability and cost, keeping even their oldest clients extremely happy and satisfied.

A Dynamic Team of Experts

The success of Datonique’s revolutionary offerings can be attributed to its group of experienced data professionals ranging from engineers, analysts and scientists to product managers and business executives with decades of valuable experience helping businesses build their data and analytics suite from the ground up. While further elucidating the capabilities of Datonique’s offerings, Vasudevan sheds light upon an interesting case study with a high-profile social media influencer that intended to have a better understanding of his fan base. The client is one of the most popular Gen Z social media influencers, currently having over 17M subscribers on YouTube, and several millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, who required a clearer understanding of his fan demographics for targeted marketing across various business lines such as his e-commerce merchandise business.

Datonique stepped in and built an analytics powerhouse within four months and established cadence for ongoing analytics. “We approached this with our three-pillar approach–Data Infrastructure in AWS stack, Reporting/ Visualization with Tableau, and extensive analytics insights support,” Vasudevan explains. This helped the YouTube star to not only take control of his data but also build insights about his fans, to be able to grow business through effective retargeting, customer segmentation, and re-engagement strategies. Following this engagement, the client’s manager praises, “Hiring Datonique not only ensured effective and best-in-class data and analytics implementation but also provided us with a mature product and strategy leader in Murali. That’s a rarity to have.”

Future-Proofing Data and Analytics

Datonique’s consistent performance in delivering innovative data and analytics solutions has resulted in a rich array of clients in its portfolio currently. “But, the goal for Datonique is to be the world leading analytics service provider in the industry with global clients across all continents,” exclaims Vasudevan. Working toward this goal, the company is planning to expand by opening an offshore development center in India, hiring the best data engineers and data scientists in the country. Datonique also aspires to potentially build sales offices in San Francisco, Dallas, and New York for a closer collaboration with the clients in the U.S. Furthermore, Datonique aims to grow its customer base by increasing its exposure through effective marketing strategies and presence in conferences and expos. The company will also continue its product development innovations in the analytics space through a dashboarding, visualization, and analysis tool in order to offer a full stack data analytics platform (DAP) to customers. Datonique is also the market leader in influencer analytics and is striving to unravel quantitatively what drives growth and sales through influencer marketing. “We will continue to provide efficient and economical personalized data and analytics to help clients globally achieve the most from their endeavors,” concludes Vasudevan.