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Sydler Technologies: Pioneer’s of Evolving Technologies

CIO Vendor Enterprise software or commonly known as Enterprise Application Software is deemed as industry’s backbone based on which a company functions. But the technology is transforming, leaving the companies that are still on legacy systems at risk as the conventional on-premise solution is now migrated to cloud based solution. Thus, CAPEX is incurred as OPEX. This rapid migration is affecting the legacy business models leaving spaces for relatively smaller and emerging organizations to surmount. Eying a transmutation in the industry with robust cloud based solutions, future generation Gamification and state-of-the-art IoT offerings, Pune based Sydler Technologies has kicked off a cloud revolution ushering change that is inevitable.

Transformation of legacy Enterprise Solution Methods

Born in 2014 from the ex-employees of SAP - Neeraj Athalye and Nitish Jain - Sydler concentrated its attention to transform the industry, from on-premise to cloud based solutions. Equipped with smart technologies such as SAP Success Factors, SAP Ariba, SAP CEL, Dassault cloud solutions, Gamification, the developing face of office management and IoT services partnering with iBot, Sydler implements the services in transforming a new-generation business. The company has already penetrated in the IoT segment with its product that connects to 400 different sensors such as temperature, vibration sensor, vehicle and employee’s smart ID to take decision based on the readings.
However, Sydler Technologies is way beyond the above mentioned offerings, as it has a gamut of services such as Mobility, C4C, Success Factors, and Analytics. Speaking about opportunities in the industry, Neeraj, the Co-Founder & Executive Director says, “I think in terms of opportunities, there are Cloud – an abundance of companies are focussing heavily on performance and goals management, Gamification – using platforms to deploy games in business practice so that work becomes playful and target is easily achieved, and IoT – the top of the line technology to enable devices become smart. Though we haven’t reached the scale of a multimillion dollar organization, but we have commenced in our own way and we believe that the market potential will take us higher”.

In the industry when giant companies are troubleshooting to migrate from one-time projects to subscription services, Sydler has successfully achieved to provide customized business solutions to clients such as INOX, Endurance Technologies, Balco, Haldiram’s and others.

Giants of Enterprise Solution

Sydler exclusively employs the best and experienced professionals in the industry. Believing in intellectual property over hierarchy, this company focuses more on individual zeal. Thus, open office culture motivates the professionals and they come up with innovative concepts. SAP and Dassault train them on the new launches through web-based and classroom trainings.

Preserving an Incredible Future

Sydler wants to spread its wings to the Global Market through collaboration with well-known enterprises. The technology transformation which is taking shape gradually in the industry has just commenced. In India and globally, this industry has a long way to go to transform into technologies that will gain the clients with its cost- effectiveness. Sydler, having its core in the enterprise software, will be the Pioneers in the evolution.