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Scribie: Refurbishing the Business Sphere through World-Class Transcriptions

“Scribie has always provided top notch service. Transcripts are always delivered on time - usually ahead of time, and attention to detail is most impressive. We do a lot of interviews, sometimes six or eight a day, and it is all too easy to incorrectly identify a recording. I am very grateful that, on more than one occasion, it has noticed and brought to my attention when this has happened,” exclaims Bonnie Wooding, a gratifying user of Scribie’s services. There are many such admirations from users who have used the offerings of Scribie, where both audio and video files can be uploaded online, which is converted to documents with guaranteed quality.

MTurk for Audio/Video Transcription

Started as a bedroom project in 2008 by Rajiv Poddar (Founder & CEO), the company formed an appropriate QA team and opened up its subsidiary in 2013 in Bangalore, when Yukti Yatish (CMO & MD) came into picture. What triggered the birth of the venture was the demand for transcriptions from customers who were using the Skype recorder developed by Rajiv. The venture converts business files (audio & video) such as interviews, conferences, meetings and others to text format for academicians, journalists, filmmakers, podcasters, businessmen and many more. To bring up best results, the files are crowd-sourced to certified freelance transcribers worldwide, following which reviewers verify parts of the transcribed text, append tracking and time-codes to them. This is followed by yet another step of proofreading for and then QC for guaranteed accuracy and consistency.

Scribie has attained customer loyalty through its commitment towards every project that it undertakes at a reasonable cost. Customers relish premium services, since the performance and progress of all the transcribers are continuously monitored. Uncommon terms, technical jargons and acronyms are researched accurately to ensure precision of the contexts. Deadlines for deliveries are always met and in case of a delay, the customers are informed in advance. The customers are provided with the advantage of accessing information about the progress of projects. Scribie also facilitates a free-review for the customers if they are not satisfied with it. Confidentiality and privacy of the files are given very high priority, which portrays the accountability of the venture.
CIO Vendor Travelling Those Extra Miles

The 21 people strong company that has 7,000 plus certified freelancers on its side, that is witnessing a massive boom in the online industry and the myriad opportunities that lay in its arsenal, travels an extra mile to emerge as a leader of the transcription industry. Currently, Google positions the venture as third in the transcription industry. Despite being a self-funded company that allocates little to no funds in marketing, Scribie’s best-in-class services has magnetized well over 2,000 clients including LexisNexis, Deloitte, Toronto Public library, Oracle, Intuit and universities like MIT, University of California, University of Oxford, Harvard and generated an absorbing acquirement of $400,000. Not to mention the fact that it has been fiercely competing and winning against its heavily funded rivals who invest hefty monies in marketing.

Growing further, Scribie seeks funds to invest into R&D and to setup a strong Marketing team. It also will give a personal touch to all its services by having a one-on-one interaction with the circle of clients; especially in the B2B segment. The venture envisions automating the entire process with tools such as Deep Learning, NLP and ASR tools that will help Scribie to reduce the effort by 80 percent and potentially drive 50x growth.