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CIO Vendor Necessity is the mother of all inventions and the inception of MocDoc too, had a necessity and stimulus behind it. The venture, a brainchild of Senthilkumar PM, was inbred out of his need to trace a doctor near Chennai which took more than an hour. This triggered the founder to start MocDoc, a healthcare venture that would provide patients with an easy access to doctors. Also, having years of experience in the healthcare sector and belonging to a family with many doctors facilitated him to initiate a doctor discovery platform which in certain cases can make a difference between life and death.

Started in 2012 in Chennai, the company debuted as a product of YRO Solution which was the country’s first company to initiate online booking for doctors. Within a short period, they received good response from public and Doctors, and MocDoc as a brand was established. MocDoc offers comprehensive technology solutions for a Doctor, clinic, hospital, lab, pharmacy and large multi-locational chains. The hospital management system covers insurance, IP/OP management, registration & Queue management, EMR, Pharmacy, Lab modules and is compliant with international Healthcare standards such as HL7 and ICD 10. In addition, MocDoc offers 15 speciality focused case sheets in specialties like Cardiology, Paediatrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, IVF, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Speech Therapy and others. These services are provided via dedicated portals, Android app and other online channels including Facebook.
With a vision to establish itself as the pioneer healthcare platform for medical help providers and seekers, MocDoc provides innovative technology at affordable cost so that the benefits of the solution can reach every Healthcare stakeholder- Doctors, Healthcare Administrators, Paramedics and the common man. This enables hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies to improve their efficiencies and create better service standards for the general public. The entire process in a Hospital is simplified by the platform, which would be a daunting task otherwise.

MocDoc’s uniqueness lies in its expertise to improve the existing technology infrastructure of a clinic/hospital/Lab/Pharmacy or completely replace it with platform built by seasoned team of professionals. “We reinstate existing infrastructure without disrupting the work flow of hospitals, upgrade and augment their system to provide better facilities,” asserts Senthilkumar PM, Founder & CEO, MocDoc.

Connecting the Dots in Healthcare through Technology

Healthcare for one and all in a country of India’s size is a huge challenge and this calls for greater action from Government as well as all stakeholders. MocDoc is playing a small but significant role in improving the efficiencies of hundreds of small medium hospitals who are perhaps using technology for the first time and thereby providing better patient care and convenience to the general public. This has been made possible by the expert team of the company that comprises of 35 plus professionals who are passionate to deliver world-class healthcare services. This team of experts from Technology, Marketing and implementation meet on weekly basis where new ideas and issues are discussed openly.

MocDoc is making its presence felt everywhere through cloud and smartphone apps. With clients present in more than 10 cities, the company envisions further simplifying all its offerings and using a wide spectrum of technologies that would enable it to become a worthy medium to enhance the well-being of the patients and doctors in the days to come.