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DoLoop Technologies

CIO Vendor A decade back, our social lives were restricted to hanging around with folks and family. But in the digital age of socialization, this golden notion has changed. Data now stream from daily life, and it’s ‘Big’. In the days of data revolution, it has become necessary to analyse the data and use it to the best for the human race. doLoop Technologies is one of such companies who is prospecting the Indian big data market with its global skills. The name doLoop comes from the most fundamental concepts of computer science. With huge potential in big data, this Mumbai-based company provides a variety of services under the big data umbrella for Retail, Financial and Pharmaceuticals industries. Through the huge scope of using analytics, it assesses solutions through risk management, marketing analytics, optimization and big data analytics. With a good presence in Europe and the U.S., doLoop is on the verge of concurring Indian market using its unique data analytic techniques.

doLoop to doLoop Technologies

A former SAS employee and data analyst, Jitesh Nagaria transformed his incomparable hands-on experience and solutions to certain unresolved challenges in data science and analytics into doLoop in Mumbai. With Jitesh’s global experience and his association with a former ISI (Indian Statistical Institute) Delhi head and an established economist, this young company set through in late 2014, Indianized the data analytic loom to offer a variety of industry-specific data analytic services&data solutions to Indian market.
Being a relatively new industry in India, big data companies faced several turbulences in convincing the need, the importance and magical result-oriented action to the clients. But to the surprise, with doLoop’s out-of-the-box thinking and exposure to the industry, the company has anchored itselfstrongly in the Indian soil. This organization is affianced on Ad-Hoc undertakings, optimization and automation of analytics through Cloud-based technology.

The BLR (Banking, Life Science and Retail) Loop

While data analytics has been well accredited in the pharmaceuticals, doLoop provides an insight opportunity in Next generation Fuzzy Match based machine learning for Clinical Terminology, which helps in critical time. This startup provides specific services for Retail industry which includes CDM (Campaign Data Mart) and big data analytics so that clients get better insights into their customer behaviour. In the financial sector, this team assesses performance and risk management through in-depth analytics at the right time for Banking and Financial Institutions. It helps in assessing the future market of the business and eliminating unnecessary services. Having a rich background in the SAS software, doLoop provides consulting for data analytics and desires to transform the Indian market with global practice in big data analytics in the cloud space which is not much observed.

The Futurist in Big Data Analytics

The Potential Loop

As the potential loop for SMEs has been guaranteed through an increasing trend of analytics based decisions, with a sound knowledge in SAS software, doLoop is concentrating on two upcoming products and have idealized some of the new concepts for Life Sciences and Financial industry. The company that hires only experienced and ISI scholars, is focussing on educating Indian customers to follow global approach in analytics, and also to expand their recognized services in Europe. doLoop, in true logic, is emerging with a few industry-specific services through a global advancement.