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Roanuz Softwares: Creating Intelligence – Artificially

CIO Vendor Artificial Intelligence is the most important technology of the future. With rapid advancements in IT innovations and huge amounts of data, there is a need for AI decision-making applications. The trend can be seen worldwide with self driving cars, robotics, medical diagnostic algorithms and machine learning. Chennai based Roanuz provides services based on AI and aims to innovate and lead in next generation AI services and products. “We started with a strong belief that there will be a huge demand for AI services in the near future for sectors such as government services, public safety and security, healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment, home service robots, and several more. I believe that AI will be demanded in every sector to improve efficiency of their services,” speaks Anto Binish Kaspar, Founder & CEO, Roanuz Softwares Private Limited.

Raonuz - The Inception

Anto, as a Computer Engineering student was first introduced to Artificial Intelligence (AI) through academics. The magnitude of problems that AI could solve and sheer opportunities it opened to the world kindled his passion for AI. The passion was further fuelled by the yearning to learn the concepts theories and frameworks to build AI solutions for which he constantly looked for services that can be dramatically improved by AI. Early 2012, he made up his mind to spend all his energy to create AI-based services and monetize it. At once, he resigned from his job as a Software Architect and bootstrapped Roanuz in Chennai.

AI based Applications & Services

Certainly, Anto went that extra mile to learn the latest AI concepts. However,
being out of the comfort zone led him to troubles of finding resources for development and cash flow. As days passed, the team found it difficult to manage their finance and chose to deliver Software development services to sustain and continue their research & development in AI. Over the years, Team Roanuz has constantly strived to build next generation AI. Throwing light on, Anto speaks, “Our products try to solve a specific problem instead of generic ones. It's simple and the user always gets an expected response. Our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) versions use less AI and as the system grows with more users, we introduce more AI features. We make sure that we have solid monetization plans before releasing any products."

With constant look out of box for break trough, primarily offers two products namely CricketAPI and FlyCash. While CricketAPI provides one of the best feeds/API for cricket data, including live cricket games, in-game stats, and predictions, FlyCash as an intelligent expense tracking system helps users to chat their expenses on the app. “Our system understands the normal user conversation and creates expense lines. It's super simple to use and the user always receives the desired response on the app,” says Anto.

Roanuz Dream Team

Roanuz follows an exciting work culture. “Flexible working hours, a no leave policy (take leave whenever you need), the ability to put your hands onto the latest technologies, and a fridge packed with fruit & snacks are all reasons why our employees love their work environment. “Never force an artist” is the core of our culture,” adds Anto. With plans to expand the management team, Anto concludes, “We have used our AI framework on two sectors: Sports & Personal finance. Based on our current growth, we expect by July 2018 we should be in an extremely good position, hopefully as one of the leading AI service providers in India."

Roanuz MVP (Minimum Viable Product) versions use less AI and as the system grows with more users, they introduce more AI feature