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UXInterface : Developing Designs that Give Maximum Value to the End User

CIO Vendor A successful design gives user needs and requirements the top priority. It is a common scenario that most of the product owner/developers overlook the end users’ requirement. For an excellent UI and UX, successful designers design for the user and not just to appeal to the needs of the client. Following a user centric approach is the core strategy of UXInterface, founded by Sanjat Mishra, an entrepreneur with a taste for quality design and a strong sense of duty towards the society by taking onboard the talented and passionate people with less opportunity to showcase their skill.

Being led by the passionate designer, the UXInterface team follows a methodological strategy of-research, analysis, evaluation and production- to develop designs providing maximum value to the end user. The company is the outcome of the insight into the importance of being vigilant to real passion and skill over academic excellence. The success and the recognition of the company has been credited to the dedicated and talented team who come from different walks of life- differently abled, less privileged house wives, less recognized young graduates- with innate talent for designing.

With a supportive team, the company provides simple yet sophisticated services in branding, UX design, UI development and animation. “Our team is very analytical, excellent visualising talent and creative. We provide different kinds of after effect with outstanding animation. Even our wireframes are beyond a plain design outline. Every design is the result of a collective effort of
not only design developers but also from HR, marketing, social marketing personnel. We involve even non-designers because as users they give their needs and feedbacks which are integrated into developing one complete output”, says Sanjat. Although the team does not share an office space together, they work at their own space, the collaborative effort and co-operation among the members is exceptional. Even if they are in different location, there is one thing that holds the team together, it is the passion for designing and trust in each member. Again it’s a cause for society - (a) less travel, more productivity (b) no consumption of fuel, which impacts the pollution and traffic (c) be at comfort, be natural (c) Cost effective.

At UXInterface, every design is the outcome of a meticulous discretion of the most suitable UX process. The growth of the company is owed to their simplicity. According to Sanjat, developers and delivery managers assume that users have very high expectation. In reality, users appreciate products that are simple and easy to use. This is not just an assumption of UXInterface, but the truth as per their analysis of user requirements. It is with this extensive pre research that the team develops every design and suggests the list of UX processes based on the product, and budget of the client. Before every design, the first question addressed is, why the design is being made-the usage is the top priority for designing. “Anybody calls for a UX design our initial questions will be, why the design, who are the users, how should the design be and lastly what the process would be. So that is our USP (Flexi UX Process); we don’t design for the client but for the user”, asserts Sanjat.

At UXInterface, every design is the outcome of a meticulous discretion of the most suitable UX process

With a team of, observant, passionate, creative, active listeners and rational convincers, with vigilance to new trends, UXInterface foresees a successful journey to become a designer developing deigns that are not only aesthetic but fulfilling user need.