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InboundMent: Boosting Brands Awareness with Content Marketing Efforts

CIO Vendor It was early 2013 when noticeably most of the startups and small businesses were following the new trend of content marketing either for SEO's, Digital PR or for Social outreach purposes.At this time – even up until now, a number of content was distributed across the internet with the entire summary revolving around the key phrase ‘Content is King’. Businesses were in dire need of content-led solution for growing traffic organically, keyword ranking, link building, conversion optimization and brand awareness, such that they could easily but strategically reach out to their targeted audiences. However hard they try, they just couldn’t produce engaging content that is helpful, resourceful, simply put, a content that drives consumers attentions.

Armed with these new and fresh insights of effective marketing; content marketing enthusiasts, pro-bloggers, certified writers and some freelance journalists figured a time-efficient solution that would help startups & enterprises to scale up their business growth. They planned to enroll latest technologies and researched solutions to give a new life to brand awareness that helps businesses to engage their audiences with better communication.

The idea was put in place when team InboundMent noticed that global consumers are changing the way they interact with any brand. People are tending more towards reading informative contents through search and social media feeds. To emphasis this, Aditya Prakash, Founder, says, “According to PageFair report, ad blocking grown significantly in last few years with more than 250 million active users. People claimed online ads are disruptive, annoying and as a matter of concern about their safety & privacy. They believe ad blockers will prevent unnecessary tracking and can improve user experiences. This forces business decision makers to change the way they were reaching out their potential consumers with cost effective solutions that should focus on users’ interest and better experiences.”

Known for pursuing a business relationship based on transparency, mutual
trust and integrity, InboundMent believes in analyzing the partners’ demands, their mission for the next couple of months and then suggesting tailored solutions based on their current market position.In the last few years, the company succeeded while executing their mantra “Technology, People and Growth” for world’s fastest growing brands. On the other hand, they developed healthy relationships with reputed bloggers & influencers around the world for data-driven campaigns.

Leveraging Powerful Content-led Strategies

InboundMent believes a powerful content strategy can help any brand to build credibility, authenticity, trust and engage their audiences with better conversions. They currently collaborating with SME's, funded startups and established companies by leveraging content-led solutions, wherein the Team prepares an effective content marketing strategy with competitive research, result oriented ideations, content creation and distributions. Additionally, they help brands to showcase their expertise with thought leadership content among targeted audiences through key influencers.

At present, Team InboundMent is being guided and in touch with mentors including CEO’s and VP marketing of industry leading startups and several key digital marketing experts. “We have our own dedicated Team of professionals who are working from various co-working spaces, team offices and even from their own spaces.We stay connected daily with team calls, live chat and through our internal messaging system. Nevertheless, we are always open to enroll new experts who are willing to join our mission and interested to work in most comfortable time zone as well as environment,” he continues.

InboundMent helps SME's, funded startups and established companies by leveraging powerful content-led strategies

Summing up the journey, Aditya mentions how he started the journey while in college. How he stepped out in Faith in his ability by simply taking the enormous risk of starting his own business. This unwavering piousness and determination steered him on and has helped him to reach milestones, however he has convinced that many more success awaits him. Narrating further, he says, “We are regularly working behind the scenes to research lasting solutions that would fit well with the current market demands”. He adds, “Our new venture - RiseSky Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which is underway and totally devoted on revolutionizing internet user experiences as well as marketing automations with the aim to focus on people.”