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CIO Vendor While technology enabled learning is being embraced by diverse industries to address their training needs, making it truly effective is still a constant challenge. Among other concerns, is that e-content created should be able to engage the audience thoroughly to be truly effective. When learners are bored or disengaged, e-learning fails to make its intended impact and the result is – learner apathy to learning and poor performance in the long run. CBLPro, founded on 17th June 2015 by Debadrita Sengupta, focuses on making learning easy and entertaining. It wants people to appreciate learning as a building block in their growth as a professional.

For CBLPro, making learning interesting and engaging is the top most priority

CBLPro, headquartered in Pune, has over 50 professionals spread all over India and abroad helping deliver quality and the best Total Cost of Ownership. CBLPro is a part of the idea economy and strongly depends on new technology to connect, collaborate and deliver. Strategizing and building learning right from the school till the enterprise is one of the challenges encountered by them. Most enterprises focus on content, rather than the articulation, application or any attempt to make it interesting for the learning. But for CBLPro, making learning interesting and engaging is the top most priority.

Learning and Development managers acknowledge the importance of learning these days however in order to enhance the quality of learning, it’s imperative for the willingness to learn to be present. CBLPro works with the L&D Department to understand the business and relate the learning objectives, so that the professionals appreciate the application and the learning associated.
Today, with the penetration of the mobile and tablets, the landscape of anytime/anywhere learning has evolved and CBLPro intends to help enterprises train and motivate their employees to outsmart their competition. “We want to take the pain out of learning and help learners appreciate the value of learning and get them to ask for more. Our proposed strategy to enterprises is on improved articulation, gamification and recognition,” asserts Debadrita Sengupta.

In addition to standard eLearning offerings like Assessments, Web Based Training (WBT), Instructor-led training (ILT) and Blended learning (a smart mix of all), CBLPro specializes in Gamification and Mobile Learning. Gamification adds the required fun into the decoction that is applicable for school level learning as well as corporate learning. For example, if they have to introduce addition to a toddler, then CBLPro would use the concept of Snake and Ladder game. The Mobile learning part helps in using technology to extend the learning process and provides the required flexibility.

CBLPro aims to provide the best work life balance and isn’t bound to any office to deliver. “We are strictly aimed on deliverables and not restricted to any fixed office timings and location challenges,” concludes Debadrita Sengupta.