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Agua Controllers: Paradigm Shift to Unique Wireless Technology for Better Water Management Systems

CIO Vendor One of the most confusing conundrums worldwide is to solve the shortage of water availability. Lack of appreciation for the value of water, lack of proper infrastructure for storage and transportation of water, improper water allotment, stealing water or waiting for the tank to overflow to know if the tank has filled up are just some of the few reasons experienced amidst households and house builders. An approach towards technology is the way to go about it. To curb this problem, households and enterprise clients alike are looking at water level controllers. These existing water level controllers come with its own set of problems, such as being expensive and time consuming to install, installation maintenance is required which again is an added cost. Most of the products cannot sustain themselves against moisture, an added hindrance. Additionally, the products have a low life expectancy of around three years and run on limited wire technology. Most of the vendors providing water level controllers offer systems with wires and cables and being of grave inconvenience to the customers. Nara Technologies, gaining traction in the research and development segment based on IoT, proffers an innovative wireless technology for water level controllers using a unique node system that makes their product stand apart with it’s easy to install, easy to use, easy to customize, durable and affordable to boot solution. The technology offered by Nara Technologies is an industry-first where it utilizes sonar to map out the water levels in a tank. The company has ensured that the sensors of the product are water proof and available at a decent and affordable price, a feature only a few other competitors have to offer at an exorbitant cost.

Nara Technologies, situated in Bangalore, envisions creating products and services to provide solutions to everyday problems of a common man. Run by promising budding entrepreneur Rohit Nara, co-founder, Nara Technologies, the company believes in providing a simple solution to a larger world which would necessarily need to save water on a daily basis; saving a little bit of the world in the process. The company has a host of services to offer; Enterprise Software, Electronics Development, Electronics Production, Java Based Design, Android Application Development, Product Management, Scientific Research and Development, Product Design, IOT Integration and Market Analysis.

Agua Offering an Array of Unique Features
Going in depth into the product Nara technologies has to offer, Agua water level controller’s technology is flexible and future ready, has advanced sensors as compared to competitors with normal sensors, can be customized to customer’s requirements, has noise cancellation, etc. The Agua water controller has the life expectancy of five to fifteen years, clearly an added advantage over the rivals in the market. Even the ultrasonic sensors have a life expectancy of 12 years after being put through rigorous tests while the rest of the competition can vouch for a maximum of around 15 months. “Our ultrasonic accuracy is also very high. It is at 2mm, very precise and the wireless range is also 1.8km,” reveals Rohit Nara. Furthermore, the product is equipped with a plethora of features, it has the compatibility to work with over 12 types of sensors, is compatible with multiple tanks, is compatible to work simultaneously with multiple motors, equipped with highly precise CFS technology to monitor motor health for any possible issues, has complete IOT capability to work with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zig bee, GSM and RF modules, small form factor design with multiple safety and quality features, has highly accurate Sonic sensors, and four Operation Modes providing complete operation freedom.

The USP of the higher models is that it can be controlled with ease from a smartphone, allowing the tank to be turned off or on from a couch or (with the GSM model) from anywhere in the world. This brings this product into the smart-home ecosystem. Agua will soon feature usage analytics and billing systems for communities with shared water sources.
Not only does the product solve every household’s difficult predicaments, but the technology can also be utilized in various areas like sewage treatment plants, complex apartment systems, agriculture, water treatment plants, industrial automation, usage analytics and various other segments based on the requirements and innovations.
Drawing Out the Future Roadmap for the Company
Targeting the government sector, Nara Technologies will be designing electrical meters for the government. Based on a nodal network, it will be able to take reading from any meter and send it to the server making it affordable for the Common man. The company is looking into smoke detectors, security systems etc. as well.
With tremendous plans to grow and stay relevant in the market, the company has their future plans mapped out for the next one and a half year which is to cover 200 cities in India with 285 distribution units. Moreover, India being a large market for just one manufacturer, Nara Technologies has outsourced their work which includes R&D, manufacturing, distribution, sales and will be pursuing the idea for a license model. “We are estimating rough 50k units as monthly quantity,” announces Rohit Nara. Post the mass production of units, Nara Technologies envisages expanding their reach throughout India starting with Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Assisting Enterprise Clients in Increasing
their Productivity through Automation

Nara Technologies has worked on providing complete automation for a cold drinks manufacturing unit. A beverage manufacturing company was looking to create a liquid controlling and processing unit for manufacturing soft drinks replacing an existing unit due to increase in demands. Nara Technologies are to deploy automation systems pertaining to control of solenoid valves and motors based on inputs from various ultrasonic, float and temperature sensors. The company will also provide the client with an android app to monitor and control all operations related to the automation system functionality. The client was highly impressed by the use of Ultrasonic sensors which provided the flexibility to change the concentrate and water ratio in mixing tanks using an Android application. Previously this process required manual changing of mechanical parts position which consumed a lot of time in each batch of soft drinks. All this was offered at prices on par with the mechanical and electronics solutions available but the client vouches that they have never experienced such flexibility of IoT. The solutions are expected to increase their productivity by up to 10%.

Agua will soon feature usage analytics and billing systems for communities with shared water sources

Catering to Enterprise Clients Cost Effectively

Agua water level controllers are fashioned to even cater to large enterprises who may utilize 6000 to 7000 liters of water on a day to day basis. Nara technologies assisted an automotive company, a big manufacturing plant in setting up the water controllers. The company consisted of four buildings and four water tanks for each three of these systems. One for drinking water, one for sewage treated water and one for regular supply from the bore well. Since there are four buildings, in a normal situation, a water level controller company would have to go onsite and fix 12 different controllers for 12 distinct tanks, or they would have to go for a programmable logic controller which is a more expensive choice. According to Nara Technologies’ system, only three devices are enough and each tank will be fixed with its own sensor and the range of the wireless system is also very high with a range of around 1.8km while the entire plant was just 700 meters long. “Any configuration you throw at it, wireless makes it very easy. You don't have to worry about installing thousands of rupees of cables,” explains Rohit Nara.