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Dogsee: The Only Indian Company Manufacturing Healthy, Natural & Organic Dog Foods

The rising number of nuclear families particularly in urban areas has increased the pet ownership in the country, driving a huge demand for pet food. But sadly, most of the dog foods available in the country are either very costly or made of cheap fillers to which most dogs are allergic, raising an urgent demand for affordable organic dog food.

An ardent food & dog lover, Bhupendra Khanal (Founder & CEO) when left his role as the CEO of Simplified360 decided to follow his passion to produce organic food for dog and fill in the dry land with the best-in-class products for healthy pets. While ‘soul searching’ in Himalayas, he came across hardened yak cheese milk which was becoming popular as a healthy organic dog food. As a dog owner himself, he decided to bring it to the mainland and ventured Khanal Foods Pvt. Ltd. in September 2015, as a gluten free organic food chain for dogs.

The organic & healthy natural Dogsee chew bars are gluten free, high on proteins, and very affective in keeping the dental hygiene of the dogs

Range of Delights for Dogs

Khanal foods are the only branded manufacturers of organic dog foods in India. Their Dogsee series of products which are made from yak milk include Dogsee chew nuggets, Dogsee chew puffies and vegetarian Dogsee chew bars. The organic and healthy natural dog treets are gluten free and high on proteins. Dogsee chew bars are very affective in keeping the dental hygiene and also protect gums from plague and tartar. “I’ve used Dogsee chew for my own dogs and found the dogs enjoying it throughout the day, needless to say teeth are kept clean and neat by this,” quotes Dr. Narendra R, a happy customer. The company is releasing new range of dog cookies and biscuits that are hitting the shelves in October and November respectively.

People can order Dogsee products from company’s website. These products are also available on major e-Commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Craftville and others. However, major portion of Khanal sales still happen through the traditional distribution channel that is spread across Spain, Malaysia, Singapore and 24 states of India, who take them to retailers subsequently making it available to the end customers.
CIO Vendor Sourcing from The Himalayas

The yak milk cheese can only be obtained in the hilly regions of Bhutan, Nepal and Indian parts of Sikkim and Darjiling. Therefore, Khanal foods have designed a robust supply chain in order to safeguard the product. Bhupendra has employed people from villages for the production of chew and has also equipped them with basic instruments of cutting the chews and dry them up. Khanal also educates the villagers on maintaining the quality and feeds all their requirements. At first, the chews are brought to the quality control centre at Darjiling from where the products are shipped carefully gearing a moisture proof system to Bangalore for final packaging. “My affinity to Himalayas, passion for organic food, and my love for dogs has driven me to this venture,” quotes Bhupendra, . Though there are no regulatory bodies to approve dog food in India, Khanal Foods have garnered number of international certifications including FSSAI, ISCA, and several others to prove its authenticity and organic trait.

Down the Road

Currently employing 12 people directly, 18 people in part-time and around 6000 villagers who make the product, Khanal is also in the process of getting into the cat food and cat chew market. Venturing into the human food market by bringing some traditional Nepali food into India is also in Khanal’s think tank.