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Buoyancy Consultants: World Class Design Services at Your Hand-Reach

CIO Vendor A large shipyard in India was outsourcing their work to European companies, spending huge amounts as the entity believed that the kind of work they expect can only be done in Europe. But only until Buoyancy Consultants, an organization proffering Boat, Ship & Offshore consulting and design services, took the baton. The company assisted the shipyard in comprehensive outsourcing from consulting to engineering, all in one-fourth of the cost that the client usually paid. And there began yet another retention of partnership for Buoyancy.

The company advances through a concept which Buoyancians call as ‘Design-to-Fit’ that practices a thorough understanding of the customer exigencies fundamentally. Post grasping the needs top-to-bottom, Buoyancy wears the designing hat to carve a design that fits customer needs completely through the use of advanced technologies like laser scanning, and various 3D modeling platforms such as Cadmatic and PDMS, thus ensuring the clients get benefitted to a huge extent by saving a lot of time, effort and cost.

But to deal with complex activities such as ship-designing and offshore – new builds - it demands a deep-rooted knowledge plinth apart from crucial designing tools. Possessing years of experience in the field of ship designing, Prasad Prabhakar Sawant (CEO & Managing Partner), Ramniwas Mourya (Co-Founder & CTO) and Pratibha Sawant (Co-Founder & CFO) amalgamate with their team of 25 young & dynamic Marine professionals with design experience on various modeling platforms, to provide the clients with an extra level of expertise. “We are very agile, and dynamic, and ensure to provide a very high value proposition to the clients,” elucidates Prasad.
A Large Pool of Offerings

This Panaji-based organization proffers its consultant services as Boat & Ship design services and Offshore design services. Besides the basic Boat design services, high-end Ship design services include Preliminary Design, Basic Design and Detailed Design & Production Documentation, everything post a careful study and preparation of design schedule to meet required quality standard 'on time' & 'within budget'. Under Offshore design services, the company performs New Build (Basic), Detail Design & Production Documentation, Refurbishment, Lifecycle Management (Modifications), and Refit & Repairs for various Fixed & Floating platforms. From Jack up rigs to Semi-submersible platforms, Buoyancy covers them all. This sparkling portfolio and the ability to walk the talk brought the company some big international clients under its belt, such as Drydocks World, Chalmers Engineering, and Chowgule Shipyards (based in Goa).
Grasping the needs of its clients, Buoyancy carves a design that fits customer needs completely using advanced technologies like laser scanning and 3D modeling

Creating the Pathway

However, since its inception in 2013, the path was extremely challenging for Buoyancy. The strict regulations to make ships more eco-friendly had made the pavement narrow. But over the years, the organization emerged as one of the key players in the segment through end-to-end adoption of green technologies. With 800 percent revenue growth in last financial year, the organization is looking ahead to its plans to leverage more on the less-explored domestic industry, seeing the enthusiasm that the government has brought up in this field. The innovations based on renewable energy source are the next big thing happening in Buoyancy, Solar Power Boat is just one among them.

Grasping the needs of its clients, Buoyancy carves a design that fits customer needs completely using advanced technologies like laser scanning and 3D modeling