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YogaTech - Technology is making Yoga More Accessible

By Ruben Dua, CEO, Easypose

Ruben Dua, CEO, Easypose

Headquartered in the U.S., Easypose provides certified yoga teacher to home or office. With more than 1000 instructors in their network, the entity serves customers in So Cal, SF Bay and the Tri-State New York area

As it stands, the world we’ve come to know will not be the one our grandchildren inherit. With a myriad of driving forces changing our lives from day to day, the only thing a person can really count on is the dynamic shifting and development of culture. This, of course, is most affected by technology. The profound advancements that have occurred in the past fifteen years have completely redefined the way we consume goods and services. Seeing as technology is changing every facet of our lives, how could it not also affect some of our more basic routines, like exercise?

With fitbit, Garmin, the Apple watch, and other countless inventions advocating fitness, it’s clear to see the transition into this tech driven world is well on its way. The rising awareness and popularity of leading a healthy lifestyle has come up against this ever-expanding world. And the advancement of technology is only furthering its development. One of the quickest growing markets for tech driven fitness is yoga. From being featured in household commercials, to having fashion brands centered around it, to getting a computer named after it: this most spiritual art has not only become a major part of our pop-culture, but has changed the realm of training and exercise.

Whether you practice yoga at a studio, a gym, at home, or with a private yoga teacher, technology is altering the way physical fitness is a part of our lives. With online booking, e-commerce, video, virtual reality and social networks, it's no doubt that the yoga experience is going through a renaissance. So the fact that yoga tech is gaining a reputation should thrill and excite. Now, we can upload viral training videos, Skype into a class, and even access apps making exercise immediately available. And what more do people want today? Look at the rise of Uber and that of Amazon groceries. The public wants to be able to access everything instantaneously, at the touch of a button. The need for immediate satisfaction is now being bred into us. Today, our only obligation is to fill that demand.

The creation of Easypose came from recognizing the difficulties of making it to a gym or getting motivated to work out without videos. So even if watching a video is too disengaging, there are other opportunities. From tech companies like Class pass, to Zwift, it’s clear that the demand for finding a unique workout is prevalent. But often enough, certain factors intervene. Motivation. Affordability. Comfort. These elements really hinder a consumer. That’s why it’s imperative the right yoga tech is made available to the public, because clearly, they want it.

So, how is tech advancing yoga practices? Clearly, access is key. If students aren’t finding the right classes, the right teachers or the right intensity levels for their workouts, they’re not benefiting. Another issue is people’s comfort levels. A tech company’s job is to prove that this art is available to everybody, no matter who they are or what they look like. Everyone struggles with personal limitations. That’s why easing the mind of the consumer and allowing them to relax in a comfortable environment is indispensable. Providing online courses and bringing yoga classes directly to people can make such a difference. By combating self-consciousness and allowing consumers to select courses based off skill-level and intensity, yoga tech seems ready to lead the charge towards a much healthier world. What cannot be denied is the ever-expanding, on-demand economy. Culture is working, even progressing, at a faster pace. Tech-driven companies make participating more cost-effective for both consumers and service providers. Organization is easier. Keeping up with designated class times isn’t a chore. You know who your teacher is. Yoga instructors even have an easier time collecting payments and making courses affordable. There is a rising demand that needs to be filled and with the expanding market, someone has to take the helm in bringing profitable goods and services to the public. Technology has thus created leverage for which advances the art of yoga. We profit from trust, because knowing our surroundings and circumstances helps us open up. That’s why so many are coming to understand the relevance of giving transparency to both fitness instructors and their classes.

There is no arguing that we now modify and personalize our world. In the next couple years, technology will only further these options, and advance the ancient art of yoga. Between availability, understanding, and a deepening appreciation, the fitness world is sure to be turned on its axis. Technology has changed many facets of our lives and has even come to affect how we exercise. The first company to truly embrace this mentality, to make fitness quickly and easily accessible, will surge to the forefront of this undoubted and imminent boom. We may not be able to change the world, but we have the ability to change ourselves for the better. Let us hope that one and all can come to embrace such a message, the one embodied by the art of yoga.


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