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Time to Break the Traditional Paradigms

By Vandana Bhardwaj, MD, Acolade Care Cosmetics

Vandana Bhardwaj, MD, Acolade Care Cosmetics

Founded in 2010, Acolade Care Cosmetic is an organic beauty products brand in India.

“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” – Roseanne Barr

It's been six yrs I have been into business. The more I have grown, the more I have realized that I have to be stronger to climb the ladder. When I see behind me, people are growing and chasing me to hear the word ‘I give up’. They give me silly reasons to fall, but I fight back and prove them that ’you are just wasting your time on me’. Most prominent reason is ‘I am a Woman’ and my answer to them is ‘I am a Woman’. There is a standard thought and logics of the industry as well. We are stuck in traditional paradigm of entrepreneurs. Every meeting I go for, there is a question mark in the eyes of the people around me. That sight vanishes once the discussion starts and when they know and understand my vision as an entrepreneur.
1. Upgradation

Women need to ‎ upgrade her knowledge at every level and in every field be it new techniques, global knowledge or new technology. We have been seeing women being a great home maker which includes multi tasking as well as management. Women are born with this talent. Only thing lacking is stepping out and taking an initiative to become an entrepreneur, which requires taking interest in being an entrepreneur. If a woman can run a boutique or a salon, she can efficiently become an entrepreneur by just becoming visionary and upgrading her knowledge.

2. Biasness is permanent and inevitable

I belive bias attitude is everywhere and at every level. Discrimination in age, sex, background, financial status and so on. These attributes exists in fund raising as well. Remember, every hurdle is a process which everybody faces and one shall with confidence. I adamantly believe that Venture Capitalists decide on the projection and presentation leaving all other aspects behind.

3. Association with successful and top notch entrepreneurs

We become what we see and what we observe. Nobody is perfect but it is mandate to associate with more influential and experienced business persons than you. It not only helps in gaining knowledge, but also intriguely encourages you to take the challenges positively.

4. Branding & Marketing

Whether a firm is new or established, one key factor which always acts as a solution even in worst situation is branding and networking. I might be creating the best cosmetic product with the best team, but unless I do not know how to market the product and where to brand it, my work is always half done. Marketing and branding plays a very pivotal role in the growth of a company. It not only grows the company but also sets an example to new comers who get inspired and take risk in their field.

5. Efficient team at every level
It is imperative to understand that no one can be efficient solely. A company’s growth mainly depends on what, how, when and where its team leads. Every level, from CEO to COO to manager to trainers to technician and so on leads a company and are equally responsible to take it to another level. When an entrepreneur plan and execute systematically and strategically, nobody will have time to doubt the credentials and capability of a woman entrepreneur.

‎Every market that a startup ventures into will have both problems and solutions. I firmly believe "every problem has a solution and every solution has a hidden problem". Other factors are high education, risk taker, face the situation, make the weakness your strength, ‎business has no gender; humans change their perception and believe once you prove it. Till then they just have list of doubts; ignore it, be the deaf and dumb to unwanted doubts.


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