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The New Trends in Indian Travel Industry

By Viren Batra, Co-Founder & CEO, Nirvana Excursion

Viren Batra, Co-Founder & CEO, Nirvana Excursion

Headquartered in Mumbai, Nirvana Excursion provides unique and exotic travel experiences with an extra edge of fun and adventure. The entity acts as a complete travel partner by providing unique travel experiences, rather than simple packages.

Travelling is no longer an occasional hobby. People are more inclined to take a break from their daily lives at regular intervals. High-stress careers and better purchasing power are the commonly cited reasons behind this phenomenon. This has resulted in the travel industry receiving a major boost in its sales numbers. Also, with the advent of the Internet, people are better informed. Few clicks on their browsers and they have access to information about anything from anywhere. All these factors have boiled down to give rise to some strong trends in the travel industry.

Willing to Splurge More

Travellers are keen on spending more during their travels and rising costs aren’t the only reason behind this outlook. Most travellers are of the opinion that they have earned their right to spend and pamper themselves and their family during their vacations. People would rather save up for the vacations rather than hold back on their splurges during the vacation.

The spending urge takes a hike especially if the vacation is taken with friends or partners. A recent survey shows that while only 16.1 per cent Indians opt for travelling with their families, a staggering 39 per cent Indians are looking to holiday with their friends and 37 per cent looking to travel with their partners.

Staying Connected

One factor that proves to be a deal breaker for travellers while booking an accommodation is Wi-Fi. Free in-room Wi-Fi is considered to be a must-have amenity during vacations. People prefer Internet access for a number of reasons – social media updates, professional commitments etc. In most scenarios, if an accommodation did not provide Wi-Fi facility, they would prefer looking elsewhere.

Most of the airports, train stations and hotels have some form of Wi-Fi connectivity available for public access. But most travel involves a lot of time away from the airport or hotel, leaving the modern traveller on the hunt for a Wi-Fi connection on the go. This can prove to be pretty unnerving for many who wish to stay in touch with the online world.

Off the Grid vacations

A direct contrast to the above-mentioned trend, this type of vacation is taken by those who wish to get a break from the world around them and enjoy some personal time with themselves. Staying connected with the world can prove to be demanding for many. The pressure from office calls/emails, the impulsive urge to surf social networking sites can get people hooked to their phones even when they are out there on a relaxing vacation.  Hence, those who wish to cut themselves from the world online scout for scenic locations that doesn’t give high priority for connectivity but offers loads of fun for your exclusive ‘me’ time.

Discovering Lesser Known Destinations

Many popular holiday destinations have been saturated with familiarity and with a constant flow of visitors, the crowds can feel endless. But there are still many beautiful locations that remain under the popular radar yet offer the same pleasures as the popular ones.

Tourists are now on the lookout for opportunities to explore these lesser-known destinations, craving to be exposed to unique environments and cultures. The interest to explore the unknown popularly comes from these commonly cited reasons:

•    Discover untouched, unique places

•    To experience terrains and cultures than the one they are used to

•    Push the boundaries of their comfort zone

Fewer Barriers for the Adventurous Travel

Globally, connectivity is getting stronger by the day. Any information, be it finding cheaper tickets online to a particular destination or overcoming language barriers with translation apps, has gotten the world to size down in terms of reach, all thanks to on-the-go accessible technology.  This ease of access has emboldened travellers to explore places that are out of their comfort zones.

Mini Vacations

Have public holidays cleared the way for an extended weekend?  The travel bug in people dives at the opportunity to plan a short getaway. These getaways aren’t meant to head abroad but to relax somewhere closer to home. Travel companies can cater to this need by:

•    Provide locals with a new experience or insight

•    Share a locals-only discount code or deal

•    Create a special mailing list for locals

Planning Vacations to the Last Detail

Today, travellers have the power to select and tailor their travel according to their individual tastes. Each stage of the journey can be immaculately organized, be travelling mediums, accommodation, food, special local attractions, cultural insight into the place in question. The current generation of travellers takes the 'time is money’ philosophy seriously. Vacations are a luxury in which people invest considerable amounts. They won’t adjust or tolerate any sort of cutbacks or mediocrity.

The travel industry is experiencing exponential changes in extremely short time frames. To survive in such a competitive atmosphere, evolution is the word to bank on for travel companies. That’s why, we are constantly innovating and trying to come up with new ideas for the travel space.” says Viren Batra, co-founder of Nirvana Excursions.

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