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The Hyperlocal Explosion

By Anubhab Goel, CEO & Co-founder, Zimmber

Anubhab Goel, CEO & Co-founder, Zimmber

Zimmber is on Demand Home Services Platform, which provide services like Plumbing, Electrician, AC service, Carpeting, house cleaning and many more. People who are in need of these services can contact this online firm and get the tasks done within few clicks.

Hyperlocal is the most talked about subject in the startup space and a lot of new players have been cropping up in this space off late. It is the segment that is getting every single possible service to the doorstep of the consumers. For instance there are several startups that are attempting to bring pick-up and delivery services to houses who need last minute or urgent delivery services. Hyperlocal services are a boon to the time starved executive and his/her family life. The person can now finally focus on things that they love doing and not worry about mundane jobs that they could let others do for them at the cost of a coffee.

Especially in a day and age where trusting your fruitwala (fruit vendor) is not an unknown phenomenon and getting him to deliver fruits at your home is sort of a given in metros, hyperlocal services are only a digital/online extension of the same service. The only difference is that these hyper local services are providing (or trying to provide) similar extensions to all possible home-delivery (both product and service) scenarios. Today everything from groceries to home-cooking (yes, you read that right – home-cooking) services can be ordered from the comfort of your chair, couch, car etc. as long as you have an active internet connection.

Besides having made life easier for the consumer, hyperlocal services are providing a lot more than meets the eye. The consumer is now able to use more of their time to do something that they can be more productive with and at the same time get trustworthy servicemen to do their home servicing jobs at home. This means with an off-set of a few hundred Rupees the consumer is buying back TIME. What could be more valuable than this proposition?

One also get a chance to work with the massive blue collar unorganized workforce and make a dent in their lives by improving the entire eco-system.

“Money can’t buy happiness!” sure, we buy that, but “Money surely can buy back time!”

In this bought back time, the consumer could do a lot more things that they are good at and want to do and leave the small odd home-service jobs to Zimmber. For instance a mother could tend to their child and leave us to rectify the faucets or clean the carpets. Or a working couple could get more time with each other while we take care of their broken windows or clean their otherwise messy houses at their own convenience, even on Sundays.  

These are just a few things that consumers do at home and are slowly becoming hyper-localized. This is just the beginning of a new service revolution in a country that is leading the Mobile transition.

For start up entrepreneurs my only advice would be to go out and help people in saving their time and rest would follow.

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