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Programmatic OOH Media Buying & Campaign Execution Becomes a Reality with Platooh

By Prakash Balaji, Founder & CEO, Platooh

Prakash Balaji, Founder & CEO, Platooh

Platooh is a Marketplace and ERP solution which allows its customers to plan, launch, manage and evaluate their outdoor campaign with various media across the nation in a single automated platform with state-of-the-art technology.

From the perspective of the vendor of one or many OOH media, it is a very difficult task to effectively manage and sell every single OOH media in his possession. The advertising technique that is used by many owners is to print their mobile numbers on the billboard. Little do they realise that it is very difficult for people in moving vehicles to note down the numbers. Even if the numbers are noted down the mobile networks are unreliable and it is very important that OOH media owners find a more reliable way for clients to reach them. 

Platooh is the latest entrant into the OOH industry and promises to set things straight. The motive behind Platooh OOH advertising ERP is to make the sale and purchase of OOH media as easy as possible. It is unique in the sense that it is the first outdoor media selling platform that brings together the vendor and the client. It also facilitates the transaction with an enterprise resource planning system. These innovations are new in the field of OOH advertising and indicate a possibility of further innovations by Platooh. It brings together OOH vendors and clients from all over the country. 

The numbers that are associated with Platooh are very impressive. There are 1500 OOH media that are listed on the website. Since its inception, the site has attracted over 150 brand owners who have used the services of the site to buy ad space. There are more than 200 media owners who have already enlisted with their media and are enjoying the services of the Platooh team. There is no problem for a vendor in getting bookings because of the Automated Selling Platform that enables the vendor to sell an outdoor media to clients from any part of the country. The advantage to this is that large organisations can easily plan their campaigns from across the country and Platooh elevates an OOH media to the national level. 

In addition to the automated selling platform, Platooh also has a Campaign Proposal Tool and a media exhibition tool. Both these tools are bound to create waves in the field of OOH advertising. The Campaign Proposal Tool will enable the vendor to offer their clients beautifully designed proposals. This is something that was not possible earlier. The vendor had to depend on the capability of the client to imagine the efficacy of the media and the reach of the campaign. With the Campaign Proposal Tool the vendor can give a better image to the client as to how effective the ad campaign will be. With the location tools enabled with the help of Google maps and geo-data the client will also get an idea of the reach of the campaign.

The Media Exhibition Tool that is a very unique aspect of Platooh is an invention by the team at Platooh. A tool that is embedded in its OOH Ad Planner, the Media Exhibition tool allows the vendor to display to the client the media in real time and ensure that the interested buyers will come forward with a ‘Request for Proposal’. Such facilities do enable the vendor to get the campaign for the price that he has quoted for the media. Platooh comes as a breath of fresh air with well thought out innovations to improve the process of OOH advertising and make it easier for vendors as well as clients. 

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