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Online video streaming industry in India will evolve over few years

By Rajiv Vaidya, CEO, Spuul India

Rajiv Vaidya, CEO, Spuul India

The current landscape for video streaming is majorly driven by categories like movie clips, short videos, User Generated Content (UGC) & full-length movies. Content consumption varies across demographics and is driven by video search engines such as YouTube, social networking sites & apps such as Facebook, and mobile VAS. Popular content categories today include: Cinema, UGC and Glamour/Lifestyle.

Improvedspeeds, constant mobile data connectivity, frequent exposure to Wi-Fi networks/hotspots are enabling users to upgrade their videoexperience from short clips to longer formats such as full movies or TV shows. Reduced load times & delay due to buffering/technical issues have reduced, enriching the user experience.

Going forward, we see the industry moving towards a ‘Freemium’ model (Free + paid) that’s available cross device: laptop, tablet or cellphone, with a seamless user experience, keeping in mind the multi-screen evolution. Content will be a major driver, but packaging, differentiation and a seamless experience will help build loyalists who will drive the consumption and stickiness of the product/service.

Users are now comfortable moving from a larger screen to portable devices. With the personalization of both devices as well as content, advancing screen technology & size, consumption of video content on mobile through will only grow in the times to come.

Video consumption has graduated from short video clips that were shared by Bluetooth and watched on feature phones to streaming full-length movies (sometimes inHD!) on today’s cellphone, which is nothing less than an early 2000’s computer in features or performance. Needless to say, movies are also downloaded for consumption at will.

The Internet is responsible for democratization of content, and it is a buyer’s market on what they want to view. Users are showing a higher inclination to stream or view UGC (User generated content) – breaking news or latest happenings as well as premium content. Online video is either catch up TV or the primary source of video viewing, as we move up the socio-economic classes.

The utility & entertainment value of the Internetis responsible for driving data consumption, which is on an all-time high, resulting in a massive increase in the 3G user base across all telcos. This is coupled with floor breaking prices of smartphones such as the Android One, which is instrumental in getting the masses online. We think that mobile Internet usage and correspondingly online video streaming will grow exponentially in the next few years.

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