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Hardship, but also an Opportunity

By By Ashu Garg, MD & Chairman, GTC Event

By Ashu Garg, MD & Chairman, GTC Event

A Look into the Entrepreneurial Journey:

With a managerial background and a firm belief in smart and disciplined work, my journey as an entrepreneur has been highly exciting and innovative, while the experience has been fulfilling, so far. As entrepreneurs, we have to constantly experiment and create new space for innovation. You have your own blue ocean to swim. But, on the other hand, timing and luck plays a major role in an entrepreneur's life. Entrepreneur is a big term that craves for ample of risk taking abilities. We create manpower, we create business, we create brand; but one small mistake can take that all away with no time. The days of failure and vagabond never end. I feel it’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the skills within one self.

Entrepreneurship – Not an Easy Feat  

Donning the cap of an entrepreneur is a highly demanding job. You work round the clock and have to meet everyone’s expectation, be it your family or friends or even employees. While you have free will to work, you, on the other hand, also have to work without relying on others, as the set up is entirely yours. GTC is my baby, so it’s my responsibility to feed it food.

Secret Recipes of Establishing a Successful Organization:

While reaping in the apt and best minds to an organization becomes botheration, molding them to work as a team is not an easy task even. And yet, with so much of competition and so little barriers to entry, it's perhaps the toughest time to become a successful entrepreneur. In order to better understand the challenges entrepreneurs facing today, one must simply observe the market and accordingly react to it. Ofcourse, monetary issues are a part and parcel for any business you set up. The circle keeps moving for profile and loss. One must keep calm and have visions to overcome these petty challenges. Mantra for surviving in the market is networking with clients and associates, keeping transparency at the helm of your endeavors.

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