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By Geetika Saigal, Founder & CEO, MyTryRoom

Geetika Saigal, Founder & CEO, MyTryRoom

Headquartered in Delhi, MyTryRoom is a SaaS solution for apparel retailers & brands to personalize the online apparel shopping experience & gather intelligence of their customers.
Coming from a family of IITains & scientists, I was expected to do the same, but I choose instead to study business. Armed with a Hones, degree in Economics, a college no. 1 rank holder position and an MBA to follow-up, I built a strong, sharp corporate career in leading IT & Telecom organizations, both in India & globally.  After living & working in London for a few years as the Director - Business Development (Global Markets), I returned to India to as the Director Sales for India Region. In the two years that followed, of being constantly on the move between airports, my team & customers, I realized that though all is well (as in 3 idiots), well is not good enough.
The need to create, to build something which was not inherited through blood, rather unique to me as an individual, Therein came the guts to take the leap of faith into the unknown, give up a great career and start afresh.
Entrepreneurial Journey

One thing I’ve held dear to me throughout my journey is that the only constant is change. Whilst the fun experience & achievements give us that confidence and strengthen our personal belief in ourselves, the not-so-pleasant experiences show us what amazing stuff we are actually made of! The ability to take the downs with the ups and the unexpected with the planned is what makes life interesting. In building a business too, I would say the ability to deal with the unexpected is the most critical! because there is really no place in the world that can train you to become an entrepreneur, except for Life, Experience & Business talent you may be born with!
For me, life’s been about adapting to changes, yet never losing focus and always living by my own rules is something I’ve followed in my entrepreneurial stint till date too.
Tapping to an e-Commerce Industry

At the onset, it was more an emotional choice than anything else. I had just returned from living overseas for a while and took over a huge corporate role that left me no time whatsoever for long leisurely drives to markets & malls for shopping. At that time, the big online players were already fighting it out but I could not find my kind of brands & styles that’s how the idea of tapping the designer segment online across India, not bound by the very limited number of high-end outlets or the awkwardness of walking into these snooty stores, came to me.    

Women Entrepreneur
There is a lot of talk about the glass ceiling in the corporate world. However, as an entrepreneur, one really is stripped down to oneself, devoid of the big global brands, swanky corporate buildings, and meetings with like-minded folks in cushy offices. Suddenly, the scene change, a brand no one’s heard of, meetings with interesting folks for sure but not the ones you would have generally come across in places which sure don’t resemble any corporate conference rooms! Now just team that up with a 5 foot 1 inch lady insisting every time that yes she is the CEO, the person in charge, and sometimes the situation becomes difficult, sometimes hilarious.
Family is like the Ship’s Anchor

An entrepreneur, I feel, is like a ship out on the seas, in the unknown, looking for, well new land. My family is like the ship’s anchor, to prevent from drifting away, to provide the security to make me feel safe, and to give the confidence to carry on into the journey. When they feel I might sink, they cheer me up remind me of that go-get-em-tiger attitude that I generally possess.

Keep it Clean

My vision goes long and far, my dream is big but I live for the moment. So whatever I am doing at the moment has my full focus & attention. I’m one of those people who don’t call home several times a day to do chit-chat. I simply can’t. Coz when I’m at work, I’m fuming & fretting over it instead. But when I get home, I make the most of it, with family or chilling out because I believe instead of trying to make a ‘khichdi’ out of it all, I choose to keep it clean, do justice to everything that I take on, and give it my everything.

We are Unique

What we have here is a 1st for the Indian e-Commerce industry and we have gained experience in the e-Commerce space and have translated its learning’s to develop our product MyTryRoom. By deploying a comprehensive set of technologies in just seconds, we help end-customers Visualize garments on their body model, deliver Size Recommendation for each brand & Create Outfits to get the real-life Try-Before-You-Buy-Experience.

Piece of Advice

I think the world is changing fast. And though one has to stay true to their vision, the road to attaining it can change, thanks to ever improving technology & techniques. Earlier, only the big fish ate the small fish. Now the fast fish can overtake the slow fish. So agility, innovative thinking, and being ahead of the curve are going to be important characteristics of entrepreneurs in the future and it’s important to inculcate these.
If you dream at night about making it big, forget it, it’s a tough road. But if you dream all day and can’t sleep because of it, then just do it.

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