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YEAY Launches in Open Beta

Bengaluru: YEAY, a revolutionary video shopping app, makes its presence felt in the market by launching itself in open beta. The new video shopping app acts as a new alternative to the monotonous experience of digital shopping by allowing its users with great content and products. The app makes the selling and shopping simple by allowing its users to buy and sell anything they wantto on a smartphone with a video thus creating a mobile based community of people who are interested in video.

“Retailers and fashion stores can now not only rely on their voice, but also on their creativity to sell their products. YEAY will give designers and fashion brands an opportunity to engage with their customers instead of just selling them products,” cites Zoie Iam, Designer & Founder, ZL by Zlism.

Founded by Melanie Mohr (CEO) in 2015, YEAY is the fastest growing Berlin-based startup which provides a platform for the independent and emerging sellers to expand their online presence and helps them to connect with their desired customers. The company has 35 employees belonging to 13 different nationalities who are working hard on the company’s value proposition – to change how people buy. YEAY, which is available on iOS and Android applications, is in the process of developing long-lasting and rewarding relationships with buyers and sellers, and is building partnership with retailers from Paris, Hong Kong, London, Berlin, New York, Melbourne and many more. Some renowned brands that are using YEAY to sell their products are WOK store Milan, Mister Spex, 8DIX, eLeyTe, Relaxdays, ZL by Zlism,Urbanara and Pixel Panties.

“YEAY embodies our culture of creativity and innovation. We are committed to creating customers for life. We are a new company pushing into new markets and becoming a beacon of light in a new category of mobile commerce that goes beyond the traditional shopping experience,” says Melanie.


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