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YaWiO - InMobi's Open-Source Event Concludes with Zest

Bangalore: YaWiO – Imagination, Oneness and Action in Turkish, Sanskrit and Latin respectively –the 72-hours of brainstorming event concluded on 25th June with an excellent response from the challengers. Earlier, InMobi named their cultural festival as YaWiO. In this open-source hackathon format event, three premier institutions in three different fields, X-Prize, Magic Bus and Team Indus had challenges for InMobians during the 72-hour of the first cultural event-YaWiO-x, with ‘x’ referring to expand your mind to bring in imagination.

Team InMobi addressed the challenge posed by X-Prize – an institution that focuses on grandest challenges of mankind through global completions – on Global Women Safety with a biometric solution like blood pressure, heart-rate, and hormonal levels to determine if people are in danger, as opposed to using mobile apps for Uber-like marketplace. The team also depicted the next generation law with drones to Internet of Things. With a positive response from InMobians, X-Prize is going to untie the contest world-wide in few months.

‘Magic Bus’, an education firm guided by Mathew Spacies posed challenge to Team InMobi to develop a low bandwidth transmission of educational content to reach rural areas. InMobians responded with a blue-print of low digital video broadcast and no-video content eliminating role of internet. It can be transferred further from a student who has downloaded it through peer-to-peer network. It will need minimal mobile network as it can flow effortlessly among both options. Overwhelmed by the response, Magic Bus is eager to support InMobi to execute the idea.

Team Indus, an aerospace start-up from India is looking to land an unmanned rover on the lunar surface and thus threw the challenge to InMobians to solve the issue of communication between the rover and the lander in the harsh condition on the moon. Team Indus displayed their lunar rover ECA (Ek Choti Si Aasha). InMobians came up with the idea of a simulation environment for radio communication between the lander and the rover. They received an extraordinary response as Team Indus could minimize their time-cycle for modelling and simulating this situation.
With 20 different teams of InMobians collaborating, they invested more than 3000 man-hours to make the festival successful. InMobi has stated that it is one of the festivals of celebrating YaWiO culture and more to follow.

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