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Yammer Adds Cross-Language Translation to Its Services

Owned by Microsoft, the startup Yammer had recently been acquired by Redmond and has recently announced its plans of adding capabilities for instant translation of messages. Also, the translations will now be powered. The procedure is simple and resembles the current services for auto translation, found on AirNb or Google Translate.

Launched in 2008 in San Fransisco, Yammer is a startup that helps employees communicate more easily by encouraging companies toward private networks for twitter style communication.

All that a user here needs to do is hit the translate button and everything gets transferred to the langage preferred by the user.

“Removing language as a barrier to cross-company collaboration can be a competitive game changer for multinational organizations. It opens a world of possibilities. This is another example of Yammer’s accelerated innovation following the Microsoft acquisition — we’re able to use Microsoft Translator to quickly deliver additional value to customers.”, says Adam Pisoni, cofounder of Yammer.

The feature will be made available late this spring and translation will be possible in thirty nine languages.

The startup has in fact only recently been a part of the office division at Microsoft with its recent acquisition by the startup giant for a $1.2 billion last June. It has managed to attract over seven million users till date and hopes to get the number increased with the introduction of this online message translation service.

"Whenever a Yammer conversation includes a language different from the user's default language setting, a translate button will appear below the initial post. Clicking translate will instantly convert the entire conversation, including related responses, into the user's default language. Clicking 'show original text' will revert the conversation back to the initial language(s)," the company said, as reported by


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