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Worrying Mums Can Now Approach

Digital Technology seems to be more for the generation of today. It is a fact that the young understand it better than their parents. This is where the startup comes to the rescue.

So what does the platform have to offer? The answer is a website for Q&A where parents are welcome to get any question that relates to technology and parenting posted. Their doubts will either be cleared by domain experts or other parents who are being recruited by the community at with great effort. They include designers of computer games for children, experts on e-safety, tech savvy parents and educators. Doubts regarding apps, mobile, social media, online safety and the impact of technology on the behavior of children will all be cleared here.

The site also has a follower model similar to that of Twitter and Quora. In order to encourage trust, the site also follows a real name policy through Facebook. However, this may prove to be unhelpful for it may cause discomfort to parents who want to share issues regarding their children.

This is not the only startup addressing worrying moms and their technology kids. Other similar platforms include Mumsnet and other question and answer sites. However, the difference here is that addresses worrying dads too.

“ is for mothers and fathers”, says Cardoletti, the founder of “[Our] early members reflect this gender split. A vital difference is also the unique blend of parents and professionals, sharing expertise, all using real names to encourage open and honest conversation”.

The expert contributors do not get paid for answering any questions here. “As with any other social network, parents who answer users’ questions on will benefit from increased social currency, gaining followers and meeting new people who have a shared interest in learning more from helping fellow parents,” he adds

“Currently we have sufficient backing from our investors to ensure that the focus for the business is to grow the community and ensure that the experience for our users is improved,” says Cardoletti.

The startup has also been in search of ways to collaborate with other brands in order to raise the community’s value.

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