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Windows 8 and Windows RT's First App by Twitter

With the first app launched by Twitter for Windows RT and Windows 8, a lot of justice has been done to the platform. The app has introduced various Windows 8 centric features and these include notifications, live titles, snap view and the Windows 8 Share and Search Charms.

Users can now easily get content from the Windows 8 devices discovered and shared. A new functionality is also introduced where unique features of can be taken advantage of. Users can now enjoy the combination of Windows 8’s fast and fluid technology with the functionality, features and design of Twitter.

The Windows 8 Horizontal Layout is being used by the Discover Tab in order to get individual tweets and photos highlighted.

It seems very clear that the designer in this new release have placed most of their focus on photographs. A full screen view emerges on the tapping of a photograph. The image then appears at the centre.

Your favourite users can even get your photo galleries viewed right in the app. The links of these photos as well as those from the Internet Explorer 10 and other apps can now be shared to Twitter.

Just like any app from Windows 8, the Windows 8 search charm can also be used by the Twitter app. The principles of design found on the mobile apps and the website of Twitter are the same as found here, with like Me, Discover, Connect and Home.

” the same design principles seen on and other Twitter mobile apps featuring the Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs. And the updated Twitter app for Windows Phone also uses the same design principles.”, as has been noted by Microsoft and reported by Techcrunch.

In fact, the app, when snapped to the side of the screen can be easily distinguished from a mobile Twitter app.

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