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Whyd: For Music Lovers to Discover More

It was last November when Whyd was opened to the public. The functionality for music bookmarking that it offers is in fact similar to that of Songdrop, another recently launched startup dealing with music. However the startup here has a bigger dream where it aims to become a social network based on music.

The startup’s recommendation engine is now made to get users sharing similar tastes matched. The Whyd Bookmarklet has to be installed into a user’s browser. Tracks can then get added from different online sources like Vimeo, SoundCloud and YouTube. Subscription can be made by one user to the stream of another user. This process has in fact recently been made more efficient where users are recommended to make connections based on the tracks bookmarked by them, along with a host of other data being captured by Whyd.

The idea here isn’t a new one but goes along the lines of Napster and Data drawn from different sources like affinity of subscriptions, track data, artist’s data, listening history all get combined here. Also a user’s account on can also get connected to Whyd.

However suggestions will not be recommended to the user without the initially seeded data.

“We worked just as hard to make it effective at recommending other similar people for you to subscribe to even if you are new to the site”, says co-founder Gilles Poupardin. “Obviously the more tracks you add the better, but it should still give you good results if you add at least three songs.”, as reported by Techcrunch.

What sets this startup apart from the other similar surrounding ones is its social and discovery focus. “We do not intend to be a full service music consumption destination,” he says, “but rather a social network built around music, where new music lovers collect and share tracks that touch them.”

“We see that today, people discover music on Whyd and then add it to Spotify or whatever service they use for offline access, even though it happens frequently that the music is not (nor will ever be) on Spotify,” says Poupardin.

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