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Watchup Raises 5, 00,000 from Investors

Watchup, a company headquartered in New York has recently closed a funding round of $ 5, 00,000 led by various investors such as The Knight Foundation, Digital New Ventures, Gordon Crovitz( former publisher of the Wall Street Journal) and Steve Taylor

Watchup CEO Adriano Farano’s goal here is to help his contemporary audience by providing the best way of watching news.

“Once upon a time, an entire nation would gather in front of the TV set to get the nightly news and learn what had happened during the day,” he said. “Today, things have changed. Today, we are getting the news through different sources; we are bombarded by all this information. [The Watchup team thinks] that there’s still a need for a special time for getting only the good news, only the high-quality information from professional news channels that can really inform the audience.”, as reported by

A list of thirty five news channels will be offered to audience, who can select from among those channels and get them assembled.  A playlist can thus be formed and automatically run. In this way, all the events of the day can be caught by the audience and at any time, whether breakfast time or cooking time or resting time.

The CEO intends to add more personalization and automation to the process of delivering the news channels to his audience.  Audience will soon be able to select not just the news channels but also the news that they are interested in. This makes their work in finding news much easier.

Working with premium partners like The Wall Street Journal, The I-Files, The Deutsche Well and The Associated Press, the company gives them a prominent place in its app. This is done in exchange for cross promotion.

CEO Farano also intends to include live coverage in his future plans for this app.

“Right now, it’s not the goal, because we think that the live space is pretty crowded,” he said. “If you really want to play and stand out in the game, it’s almost a whole new business.”

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Murali Kashaboina,Founder & CEO,Entrigna