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Watching the News More Comfortably With Watchup

Like watching the news on your iPad? Well then, watch it more comfortably from now. While you have always been building your own playlist till now, you are soon going to have your work made easier with the introduction of Watchup, which will present your playlist before you.

All that you need to do is place your finger on a button to prefer your channels and type of video. With its Daily Newscast feature, the startup will work according to the time and duration that you are comfortable with, whether it is half an hour of news at five thirty in the morning or a fifteen minute session each evening, yes, the app works according to your timing. Your newscast will be assembled and you will be provided with the notification at your preferred time.

The company had only recently raised a funding round of $5,00,000 from investors like The Knight Foundation, Digital News Ventures, Steve Taylor, the developer of and Gordon Crovitz,the former publisher at Wall Street Journal.

The aim behind getting the application launched was to provide the audience the one best way of watching the news. “Once upon a time, an entire nation would gather in front of the TV set to get the nightly news and learn what had happened during the day,” said Adriano Farano, the co founder of the startup. “Today, things have changed. Today, we are getting the news through different sources; we are bombarded by all this information. [The Watchup team thinks] that there’s still a need for a special time for getting only the good news, only the high-quality information from professional news channels that can really inform the audience.”, as reported by

“Right now, it’s not the goal, because we think that the live space is pretty crowded,” he said. “If you really want to play and stand out in the game, it’s almost a whole new business.”

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