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Watch More Trailers and Win More Points

While AppTrailors, a product from AppRedeem would earlier reward users for watching videos on mobile apps, the startup has now decided to get its viewers rewarded for the watching of TV show trailers too.  A user watching these trailers receives his points. The various rewards here include an Amazon gift card, an REI gift card, a Crate&Barrel Gift card, and various such attractive gift cards based on the number of points received.

The application now includes in it a new section for T.V shows, with a set reminder button. The Apps service is mainly available through the iTunes App Store. However, the model that it uses is different from the other incentivized programs.

All that a user watching these trailers will have to di is to hit this button so that he receives his push notification that will arrive fifteen minutes before the starting of the show. After having points awarded for the watching of trailers, users are then offered the option of getting the app downloaded. In this way a user can use the app in watching trailers for various T.V shows like Vegas, Beauty and the Beast, Modern Family, Two and a Half Men etc. This is however based on the location and the T.V provider.

The startup recently has been approaching a few T.V networks in order to receive a promotion from them for their T.V shows. The startup hasn’t received any promoters from T.V networks yet.

This application has in fact been of great use to developers by providing them more than a15000 users each day. In fact more than ninety percent of the best grossing apps found in Apple have been released by customers of AppTrailors.

It will not be long before users can use this app in order to watch programs on television directly. The app today has a total of eight million members and brings to the startup fairly high revenue coming up to seven digits.

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