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Wasted Talent? Startup Founder to Serve a Term of Four Years

Graduated in 1996 from the University of New York with plenty of talent, Jennifer Sultan, along with her boyfriend Adam Cohen, proceeded to work on her startup company Live Online, which led to a lot of success, providing a bright future to the young entrepreneur. But did she use it wisely?

After getting her startup sold in 2005, Jennifer was soon a millionaire with a $70 million at the age of twenty five. Having rented her summer home in Hamptons and purchased a Union Square Penthouse, she proceeded to live on with a lavish lifestyle. However, her successes had come to a stop. After parting with Cohen, Sultan had filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Their efforts to starting other companies resulted in failure. Ventures were no longer successful and it was not long before the young millionaire had developed a taste for painkillers.

The trouble arrived when her advertisement for prescription painkillers had been spotted by a city narcotics investigator, last year. It was found that pills were sold to an undercover officer.

Investigations had then led to the finding of Ivan Chavez, who was Sultan’s ringleader. The selling of a Magnum handgun was also attempted here. An ex police Officer Nicholas Mina,  was also found to have been getting guns stolen and sold, and has now agreed to serve a term of more than fifteen years.

While Chavez has been sentenced to an imprisonment of twenty years, Sultan will be serving a term of four years in prison, cut down from a fifteen year sentence on the plea of Jennifer.

Sultan’s sentence is more likely to get reduced to years with good behavior and time served, as observed by the New York Times. “She was happy to be done with it, but she was not happy with the sentence,” Rothman her lawyer said afterward.

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