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Warby Parker's Harry's to Provide Better Shaving

Having teamed up with Andy Katz Mayfield, his old buddy, Jeff Raider, the cofounder at Warby Parker has now moved to the launching of the startup Harry, which he hopes can add some magic to shaving.  What he plans to do is to get the market online, get rid of its high costs and friction, provide a sexier name and smarter design to the product, and finally work wonders.

However, this is not the only startup that has been working on similar lines. Backed by the Old Spice – y ad pitch is Dollar Shave that has been working for over a year on the offering of quality shave. Even then, it looks like the shaving market has room for more, especially for ones with the direct-to-consumer approach.

The startup Harry has thus decided to get high quality products offered at a lower price. This it plans to do by taking over the entire, design, manufacturing and distribution of a product. Apart from this, it also plans to come up with its own unique chain of supply.

The founders of the product had in fact spent over a year in getting over dozens of products tested after which it partnered with German Engineers in order to get a Gothic art model used to keep blades sharp and avoid them from becoming brittle with time.

The startup had also got itself partnered with an industrial design form in order to come up with sexier looking handles. “Our handles were designed to blend simplicity and modern ergonomics, and our shaving cream comes from the same chemists who make creams for high-end brands,” they said. “With the goal of offering a set of modern shaving products made with respect for the tradition of a good, clean shave.”

The branding playbook of Warby Parker is being used here in order to provide the razors classic names of people, thus giving the consumer a classic feel. The razors are then sold by the company either individually or in sets of three along with a shaving cream.

The costs of individual blades can come up from $10 to $20, while the sets can be from $15 to 425. “For every pack of Harry’s blades that you buy, we donate one blade (or an equivalent dollar value) to an organization that supports our mission of helping people to look and feel great,” the website reads.




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