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VoiceStorm: A Platform for Employee Recognition

The social marketing company called Dynamic Signal has recently got its new product VoiceStorm launched. The product is in fact similar to an existing platform from the same company.

VoiceStorm is a platform where the efforts of employees in getting a company promoted is measured, encouraged and managed through social networks.

The startups earlier existing platforms mainly helped companies in the running of marketing campaigns through word of mouth. The startup’s platform is mainly for employees rather than customers or fans.

The startup is led by Russ Fradin who serves as the company’s cofounder. The startup’s main aim is to get all in person encounters and team emails replaced.

“One of our first clients said to us, ‘Hey, can we get our employees to join this community as well?’” Fradin said. “Our employees are really our best advocates. We want to be able to send content to them and make it super easy for them to be able to get that content.”, as has been reported by

 With the use of VoiceStorm, content from the RSS feed of any company can automatically get pulled and uploaded by users for approval. An employee will, in this way just get himself logged into the latest dashboard of the company in order to get a view of all the latest job listings, press releases on product launches, or articles on the latest venture funding made by Techcrunch. The content can then be selected by users if at all they are found to be worth sharing, along with their own written messages. They can then be pushed into other related social accounts.

The ones with the most clicks and the most sharing can then be seen by the management. The platform also has a leaderboard containing employee advocates who are the most successful.


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