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Vizify: Share Graphics Through Social Media

While Vizify, the Portland based startup had earlier depended on the rising digital portfolio platforms that focused on getting the use of resume recasted, it has now turned its attention to helping customers to get their online identities built in a changed way. Its focus is now on helping people get all their personal data into a unified visual profile, bringing together all fragmented material from various websites, networks and profiles.

The startup was soon supported by those like Matt Shobe, the cofounder at Feedburner and Tim Draper. It was in 2011 that the startup had come out of Techstarts Accelerator. Having gotten itself launched over eight months back the startup has proved itself useful to over two hundred and fifty thousand users and has partnered with Twitter. It has also worked on the redesigning of the mobile experience.

Having finally emerged from its beta stage, the startup has now appeared with a new update. While it earlier worked on providing users with personal websites for their social data. Its new product is Vizcards. These are bite sized infographics that a user can customize and publish on his profile on Vizify or any other social network for that matter, thus getting their professional and personal quirks, achievements and interests presented online. Users can also get these infographics published on various social media channels or added to their biographies.

According to Todd Silverstein, the CEO of the startup, this is a better way for users of uber, the social media and various other users to project what matters to them and the things that make them tick.

Users begin by getting a topic selected from the library at Vizify based on what matters most to them. “We think the lines between your professional and personal identity online are blurring,” Silverstein tells us. “For instance, our research with hiring managers told us that their biggest pain point was finding a cultural fit. Our vizcard prompts are designed to address that; they showcase your achievements, but also your interests, and quirks.”



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