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Viggle, the Social T.V App Now Making Tremendous Progress

It is the second screen experience and social T.V. that are gaining popularity these days apart from being a great benefit to advertisers, fans and broadcasters. Viggle and GetGlue, the two companies that were supposed to have merged last November, soon had their plans changed. The reasons for this have not yet been disclosed. This incidence had in fact portrayed a certain disturbance in the world of social T.V. apps.

However, the Q2 results of the company Viggle, though low, seem to be moving in a favorable direction. The company has raised its revenue from a mere $2.05 million in the first quarter to $3.875 million in this quarter thus showing an overall growth of 88 percent.

Its EPITDA losses which stood at $8.4 million in the last quarter now stand at a $6.4 million in this quarter. It’s registered users have increased to 1.62 million. This shows an increase of over forty two percent from the previous quarter. The company in fact has 1.85 million registered users today.

Its active users which were at 233K last October now stand at 548K. Robert Sillerman, the CEO at Viggle in fact invests his own money into the growing company. Users have explored over 133.3 million of Viggle’s T.V. programmes and are spending an approximate time of 73 minuets per session in the app.

Loyal to its advertisers, the company charges them only when they are engaged by the users. It does not prefer to use the typical CPM model. Today, it works with some of the major brands in the industry some of them being Capitol One, Berger King, Wendy’s, Mercedes, PBS, ABC, PG&E.

Its rate of engagement around its CTRs is in fact north of 10 percent, while an average rate tends to be just one percent.

The company has, since its launching, been adding more engaging platform combining its T.V loyalty model with chatter features, games and other diversification. Its API has been open to developers so that social T.V experiences could be built around it.

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