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Videos to Inform By KooZoo

You want to visit the nearby park but are doubtful as to whether the weather is favorable enough. Or you may be planning a date at a restaurant which you are not really sure about because you wonder what the crowd is like. Here is a solution to such problems. The recently launched startup Koozoo with its videos addresses problems as these.

Sechrist had in fact first come across the idea on a trip to Mexico. “I had this strange realization that at my fingertips I had access to all the world’s digital information. But I thought it was incredibly ironic I can’t get a simple view of my neighborhood in San Francisco.”, says Drew Sechrist, the CEO at Koozoo, as reported by

It’s all about sharing here. If you come across an awesome view outside your office window, all that you need to do is get the phone mounted with one of Koozoo’s free devices, and then get it plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi. Footage will then be streamed and your video will get viewed. The streaming will be done as long as your video is being watched in order to get your bandwidth saved.

Live footage can be shared from anywhere. Shorter clips can also be shared by users. Though beginning on a more casual mode, the startup plans to get itself more serious with more full time streams being posted.

However, one major concern here is privacy. The streams approved here get limited to spaces that are public.  Areas like restaurants and coffee shops will not be included without the approval of the owner. Even then, privacy seems to be the major source of debate here.

Another concern here is boredom, where some locations may be found to be boring. The startup thus plans to add technology to solve this problem, where the interesting segments can be spotted in longer footage.



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