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Video Game Startup Game Throttle Secures 6 Million Funding

Green Throttle, a company that publishes video games from California has in its recent funding round led by DCM and Trinity Ventures, secured for itself a funding amount of $ 6 million. The money will be used by the company in reimaging the company’s mobile gaming for television screens.

Cofounded by Charles Huang, Matt Crowley, and Karl Townsend, the company plans to use the rising power of mobile devices in bringing the excitement of multiplayer gaming to living rooms. Prior to this, Charles Huang had co-created the mobile industry and the Guitar Hero video game franchise. Matt Crowley had served as the former product lead of Palm and Nokia while Karl Townsend was the former lead engineer of the first two generations of Palm Pilot. The three founders have realized that games played on television make up for half the video game market which make up for a 60 billion per year.

“We believe a large percentage of consumers will use their phones or tablets to play games on a TV, and mobile-to-TV gaming could quickly grow to surpass the console market,” said Charles Huang, co-founder and CEO of Green Throttle Games. “By building a straightforward way to enjoy mobile games together with your friends, we hope to revolutionize how mobile games are played.” as reported by

A central hub will thus be provided by the company in order to highlight the company’s games along with the other independent developers and publishers. For this the company has been currently working with veteran development studios like Free Range Games, nWay, Monstrous and Mercenary Technology.

“The ability to play mobile games on a big screen TV is very attractive, and Green Throttle’s leadership is well poised to bring in the kind of top quality games and industry connections that are needed to turn the Atlas controller and Green Throttle’s solution into a household name. I have always surrounded myself with entrepreneurs who know how to delight their end users and Green Throttle aims to do just that,” said Ajay Chopra, general partner at Trinity Ventures.


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