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Version 2.0 Now By AppHero

AppHero, the startup based in Toronto has recently got its version 2.0 launched. Though not as internationally experienced as  companies like AppGratis, which are in a better position to target the market in North America, AppHero has to offer is an app recommendation engine that is one of the most comprehensive in the market, that can be used by iPad and iPhone owners, as Jordan Satok, the CEO and Founder of AppHero believes. The CEO in fact gets each of his apps personally looked at. “We’ve built some algorithms that based on around 50 different factors (such as what people are saying about an app, how frequently it’s been updated, and what the other apps the developer has are like), is able to automatically filter out all the junk,” Satok says. “Think about this like a spam filter for apps.”, as reported by Techcrunch.

While third party developers do not get to know the apps that are available on a phone at Apple, AppHero is different. AppHero, on the other hand provides an accurate record of the existing apps, but with the consent of the user. Duplicate recommendations are prevented. The data given here is useful in the drawing of conclusions around generally interesting categories.

Its tech built around the processing techniques for natural language lets a user know when similar functions are offered by apps. The general functioning of apps can also be determined by the engine and grouped according to titles.

Tweets can be analyzed. “I can’t go too deep into how we do this, because it’s very core to our business,” Satok explained, “But it’s unique tech because most other recommendation engines (Netflix, Amazon, etc.), are only able to do product based recommendations (i.e., you watched Lord of the Rings so you’ll like the Hobbit), but we’re able to do recommendations across different media types (i.e., you’ll like the TechCrunch app because you’ve liked an article from on Facebook).”, as reported by

Text descriptions are improvised giving a user an accurate idea of what the app is all about. Apps are also geo-tagged. The app in fact, strives to improve the quality of its recommendations further.


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