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VeriSign Reports 294 Million Registered Domains in the First Quarter of 2015

Bangalore: VeriSign announced that six million domain names were added in the first quarter of 2015, achieving a total number of 294 million domain names registered across all TLDs (Top-level- domains) worldwide. The global leader in domain names, VeriSign also confirmed that the increase of six million domain names equated to a growth rate of 1.9 percent over the fourth quarter of 2014. Compared to previous quarter, the daily average also saw a boost of 8.6 percent and the peak increased to 13.1 percent.

In the first quarter of 2015, VeriSign’s average daily DNS (Domain Name System) query load was 119 billion across all TLDs with a peak of 165 billion operated by the company. It has a daily average query growth rate of 40.2 percent and peak of 37.9 percent yearly. With 17.8 million or 6.5 percent growth in registration, the .com and .net TLDs reached a combined total of approximately 133 million domain names. As of March 31, 2015, the .com equaled to 117.9 million while .net equaled 15.1 million names. This result has experienced an increase of 17.8 million or 6.5 percent compared to last year.

As e-Commerce continues to grow and people continue to turn to mobile devices for information search, algorithms that enable websites a favorable look and perform better on mobile devices are on the rise resulting in dipping non-mobile-friendly websites. This quarter’s feature article ‘Mobilegeddon: Good for Small Business?’ is also furnishing similar lessons on why small business should make this a top priority.
Starting with ‘Symbolics’, the first .com site ever registered dated back to March 15, 1985, the world has seen a steady increase in registered commercial domains in pre-1991 era. While with ever mounting internet statistics and users, commercial world firmly depends on the WWW (World-Wide-Web) for face-value and marketability, for information, lifestyle and daily life, it is no more a service, it’s a utility now. In the global village named internet which has a steady addition in number of users is expected to reach 3.6 billion active internet users by 2018 and is set to acquire the world in its web.

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