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Venture Catalysts Puts Foot in Surat, Targets Tier II & III Cities

Bengaluru: With an aim to build a consolidated startup central ecosystem across the tier-II and tier-III cities nationwide, seed investor Venture Catalysts enters into Surat. This move will enable startups from that region to nourish their businesses with the help of the innovation platform. This will also enable investors in Surat to now get access and invest in National and Global ideas that come from the VCats platform. Experienced CA, serial entrepreneur and founder of The Financial Supermarket Group, Gaurav Singhvi will take the charge of Venture Catalysts’ Surat operations as the Managing Partner.

Speaking on the launch, Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Co-Founder, Venture Catalysts, says, “Venture Catalysts was established with an aim of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within India and to nurture the country’s startup landscape with comprehensive investment and support infrastructure. Our launch in the city of Surat, widely regarded as a local business hub, is meant to further that aim by extending our services to the region’s startups and entrepreneurs. We are confident that we will be able to nurture a startup centric culture within Surat and its surrounding areas by enabling greater access to investments and other high-quality startup support facilities such as business networking, incubation services, events/workshops and pitch days”.

Within five months, Venture Catalysts has added seven startups in its portfolio by investing over $3 million on them. In conjunction to that, the company is looking forward to add more innovative ventures to its portfolio in the coming months. Additionally, it will also be facilitating other services such as mentoring, networking, co-working facility and technological expertise to start-ups in addition to enabling investments through its strategic partnerships with leading industry players such as Cox and Kings, HDFC Bank, Plug and Play and others. 

Gaurav Singhvi, Managing Partner, Venture Catalysts - Surat, adds, “Surat is a place with immense opportunity for startups. The entry of a leading early-stage growth facilitator and investment enabler such as Venture Catalysts will definitely give a massive lift to the nascent startup industry in the region and will increase the chance of success of local startups. We are confident of establishing a self-sufficient startup ecosystem that will create value not only for entrepreneurs and investors, but also for the region’s consumers”. 


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