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U.S to Save its Foreign Born Entrepreneurs

While immigrants have always been one main cause for competitiveness and innovation in the U.S, immigration laws, Visa Policies and Beaurocracies are some of the factors leading to a decreased energy within immigrant entrepreneurs in the U.S.

The researcher at Duke University Vivek Wadhwa in fact says "We're choking off the pipeline here. We are boosting the economies of our competitors, in other words, the people that we'd want here starting companies and building innovation here are doing it in ... India, China, Brazil and Mexico" –credit? These countries are thus beginning to witness more and more innovation with talents returning home from the U.S. In fact his research shows that the employment of about 5,60,000 people and an estimated $ 63 billion in sales from the past six years have mainly been due to engineering and technology companies founded by foreign born entrepreneurs.

These are some of the reasons why an agency from the top immigration office in the U.S is now focusing on these foreign born entrepreneurs to attract and keep them in the nation so that the nation does not lose its power in the global economy.

Alejandro Mayorkas is the director for U.S citizenship and immigration services.  He acknowledges the country’s slow pace in adapting its business landscape in an economy of rapid changes.

Training is now being provided for adjudicators who can evaluate various applications for business visas.

"One of the goals of the immigration system: family unity, humanitarian relief and economic prosperity," he said. "And it is in the context of economic prosperity that we really are speaking today," as reported by the

Moreover, a website helping entrepreneurs navigate their options for immigration has been unveiled. The navigation can be done by these entrepreneurs under an initiative called “Entrepreneur Pathways”

Also, laws and practices will now be reviewed in order to help these entrepreneurs achieve their highest potential.

"We've done a remarkable job, I think, in training our adjudication corps in terms of unique profiles of startup companies and our entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs Pathways has followed. We are going to be looking at our policies and practices ... to ensure that we are maximizing existing laws' full potential," Mayorkas said. "But it is no substitute for the need for legislative reforms."

"I've got to give them credit for being innovative over here. I rarely say good things about governments. This is one of those rare occasions when they do something right.” says Vivek Wadhwa.

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