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Urine Tests with a Mobile App

Embarrassing though it may be, urine tests are the most vital at certain times when it comes to health concerns, like the determining of one’s level of glucose, protein, bilirubin and various other abnormalities. There are other negative aspects to this test too, like its long duration. A chemical strip gets dipped into a sample of urine before it gets compared with the help of a color coded map.

More accurate results can be arrived at with the help of machines for scanning urine, but the drawback here is its bulky cost of $10,000. This is where Myshkin Ignawale’s latest app called UChek comes to the rescue. All that needs to be done here is getting a picture of the chemical strip that has been dipped into the sample. The strip then gets immediately analyzed with results that are accurate and easy to understand.

Convenient as it may be, the app is yet to be approved by the App store at Apple. Meanwhile, the app is currently being tested at a hospital in India. The cost of the app comes up to a $99 with an extra $20 for a color coded map and a packet of chemical strips. It will however be some time before the app gets released.

“We all have two things, cell phones and urine,” Ingawale told his TED audience. “We figured we had to be able to do something with this.”

Myshkin Ingawale serves as the co founder of a med tech company called Biosense, which is headquartered in India. This is Ingawale’s second app launched, the first being ToucHb, a portable product that could be used in screening for anemia without the use of needles. This recent product has been launched in Los Angeles.

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