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Urbee: The 3D Car

Founded by Jim Kor and his team from Kor Ecologic, this is a startup that dedicates itself completely to the manufacturing of 3D vehicles. Urbee’s major focus is the future of the world of automobiles. “Use the least amount of energy possible for every kilometer travelled.
Cause as little pollution as possible during manufacturing, operation, and recycling of the car.
Use materials available as close as possible to where the car is built.”, says their website, as reported by

The startup focuses on making lighter and more energy efficient cars for the future that are easy to manufacture. The facility that it uses for its 3D printing is RedEye, which was used in the printing of the first 3D motorcycle in the world.

Built with the use of 3D printing technology, these cars can lead to a 200/100 fuel economy, whether it is a highway or city that you are driving in. What happens here is that layers of metal are added till the 3D object gets created.

The benefit of using 3D printing to cars is the flexibility which does not normally come with sheet metal. It makes unnecessary, the need to get a multitude of parts produced. Manufacturing is now made simple with one single unibody part. Models for each part can now be uploaded into the printers. Two thousand five hundred hours are all it then takes for Kor to have all the plastic parts needed to get the car assembled.

Driving is made perfectly safe here. “We’re calling it race car safety,” Kor tells Wired. “We want the car to pass the tech inspection required at Le Mans.”. It’s not just plastic that this car has been made from. Steel is being used in the making of the base chassis and engine.

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